Monrovia - First Presbyterian Church Of Monrovia

101 East Foothill Boulevard

On May 28, 1888, 29 Presbyterians formed the First Presbyterian Church of Monrovia. By 1893 the land boom decimated Monrovia and many people left. The Church had declined so quickly that the Presbytery moved to dissolve the Church. The original pastor of the Church, the Rev. J.A. Gordon, asked for a loan for the Church instead of closing the doors. Within three-years, the membership grew large enough to build a Church.  J.H. Studebaker of the Studebaker Carriage Company (later Studebaker Autos) gave the church the original property in what is now Old Town Monrovia on the corner of Lime and Myrtle.

In 1918 the Monrovia Congregational Church merged with FPCM, and a rise in membership continued. In 1921, the Church outgrew its original location at Myrtle and Lime. The session purchased a vacant property on the corner of Myrtle and White Oak, now Foothill Blvd., and built the present Spanish Mission style church.

The late forties through the fifties were the "Golden Years" for FPCM. Membership grew to almost 1,500. By 1955, the average Sunday attendance was 504. Growth was so rapid that a Christian Education center was built in 1951, and the Pre-school was added that same year. By 1956, the 1920's Spanish style sanctuary was completely remodeled and expanded, removing all of the original Moorish decorations. The chancel was expanded, the balcony changed and the old Sunday school classrooms, once separated by curtains were walled off and offices built in their place.

Growth continued until the 1970's when the city began another economic slide. As businesses closed and left Myrtle Avenue, many of the residents left the area as well. The Church continued to survive, but the glory days of the 50's were over. FPCM had to face the reality of declining membership and giving.

In the 1990's FPCM began to recover and grew. In 2002, the church called the Rev. Anthony Osimo to be the new Pastor. First Presbyterian Church continues to grow and welcome new families to our fellowship.