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Florida School of the Arts was, from its inception, designed to be an intimate setting where students received close and individual attention. Our top priority is your success. With a staff of dedicated, professional faculty we focus on your needs, building upon your strengths, helping you grow beyond your present limitations. A life in the creative arts is filled with challenges but can be rewarding beyond your imagination. Let us help you realize your dreams. Create your future at the Florida School of the Arts.


Thomas Duck

Saturday, May 6, 2017
I refuse to ever set foot on campus here again. If you're expecting knowledge and experience in an environment that will have a beneficial formative impact on your life and career out of this place, don't waste your time; I'm flabberghasted by how ineffective they are in their teaching methods, as well as what an incompetently run establishment it is altogether. I'm not one to expect a great deal from a school of any kind; the only criteria I feel needs to be met is that the material being taught is fundamental and objective and that the instructors have a sense of etiquette and integrity; this school achieved far from anything of the sort. The material being taught was always incredibly subjective and pandered to the notion that the only appropriate means of finding a career in art is to produce work for museums. Critique of art produced would invariably insist of challenging incredibly subjective matters such as the meaning of the work and avoiding "kitsch" status; any information on the fundamental qualities of illustration that will actually enable one to make headway in the industry are seldom mentioned and usually brought into light as a footnote as though they aren't of paramount importance. It's as though this school would rather dance around the notion that art is a service and perpetuate a ludicrous fantasy that museum curation arrangements with a probability of transpiring tantamount to being struck by lightning should be a focus in your art career; it's complete drivel.

Michael McStruthers

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018
Erase my review, eh?

SamWill Smile

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

Javier Gómez

Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015