Alexandria - Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site

4301 West Braddock Road

The Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site interprets American history of the 1860-1870 period, focusing on the Civil War defenses of Washington, D.C., Fort Ward as a military site, wartime Alexandria, and the experiences of Alexandrians during the Union occupation of the City. As an integral part of its mission, the Museum collects, preserves and interprets historic artifacts relating to the American Civil War and explains the significance of artifacts in the context of exhibitions and study collections. The staff adheres to the professional Code of Ethics developed by the Office of Historic Alexandria, and employs standards established by the American Association of Museums for accredited institutions in the registration, storage, care and exhibition of artifacts in its custody.

To fulfill its mission to the public, the Museum distributes an interactive classroom learning kit and other age-appropriate programs which meet or complement the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning; offers lectures, bus tours and walking tours of Fort Ward that provide adult audiences with opportunities for continued learning; mounts special exhibitions and plans living history programs that offer activities for the whole family; maintains a web site that provides in-depth educational information to the Internet community; preserves and interprets the extant and restored portions of the historic fort through informative signage, brochures maps and tours; offers site brochures in French, Spanish and German; provides brochures in braille and large print for the sight impaired visitor and a closed-captioned video for the hearing impaired visitor to comply with the ADA; acts as a resource for museum professionals as well as for new and emerging sites; maintains the Dorothy C. S. Starr Research Library as a center for the study of the American Civil War and the Defenses of Washington, D.C.; and conducts fund-raising activities to expand its financial base.


Megan Muhlestein

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017
Surprisingly nice little museum with good artifacts from the civil war. The kids loved seeing the cannons in the rebuilt bastion.

Roger Blain

Friday, April 28, 2017
Found this nice museum by accident while doing a Google search for museums close to Alexandria, VA. The young gentleman staffing the desk was nice and patiently answered my questions about the Civil War. There were only a few other visitors while I was there and the grounds were peaceful. There is a model of the fort in the museum, and I was glad I stopped by before heading out to the reconstructed area where the cannons are. It really helped in understanding just what we were looking at outside.

Rob Young

Friday, March 3, 2017
Went here for the cannon shooting for the kids. They were a bit scared but really not so bad. Nice inside museum. Lots of room to sprawl out and run the younguns.

Jennifer Kling

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016
Found this little park in the middle of the city, not knowing it had so much history. Took a wal around the fort and the canons were in amazing shape. Then I saw the history and how black slaves came here to fight for their freedom. It has a old cemetery , that they ask you to respect.

Walker Kerwin

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
Sweet little museum. Good displays n knowledgeable staff. Love the reenactments in summer n the concerts on Thursdays. Very clean.