Elk Grove Village - Grove Junior High School

777 Elk Grove Boulevard

Grove Junior High School serves grades 6th through 8th, with a student population of approximately 900 students in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Our school is one of the three junior high schools comprising Elk Grove Township Community Consolidated School District 59. We serve a diverse student population and include several special programs for District 59.

Our goal is to prepare students for success in life! To accomplish this, students engage in a rigorous comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes best practices in education. We look to create “thinking” classrooms where student ideas are a valued and utilized part of the program. Special emphasis is made on student collaboration, problem-solving, and digital literacy. Our collaborative staff works very hard to develop a standards-based curriculum that is aligned throughout the content and grade levels toward a set of learning standards focused on what students can do.

We educate the whole student with over forty extracurricular opportunities! These include athletic, artistic, social, and leadership programs. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to supplement their education and make life-long connections with other students and adults. We also offer a variety of electives that stimulate a myriad of interests ranging from art and music to innovative technology education. These programs are led by dedicated teachers looking to inspire our students and create pathways for the future.


OS Toxic

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018
They never cancel school in bad weather

Nitro's Skits

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
The nurse sucks.

Alex Franco

Friday, May 18, 2018
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Sarah Damdinbazar

Friday, April 20, 2018


Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2016
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