Columbia - Harper's Choice Community Association

5440 Old Tucker Row


The Harper’s Choice Community Association was incorporated as a non-profit Homeowner’s Association in the state of Maryland on January 16, 1968. The Association has the following purpose.
  1. The Association shall benefit, aid, promote and provide for peace, health, safety, convenience, comfort and the general welfare of property owners and residents within the Village.

  2. The Community Association assists the Columbia Association in the conduct of its activities and performance of its responsibilities relating to the operation, maintenance and development of community facilities and services within Columbia.

  3. The Community Association provides an organization through which the owners of property in, and the residents of, the Association shall be represented, by a member of the Association, on the Columbia Board of Directors.

  4. The Association is also charged with the operation and maintenance of any and all property or facilities which it may acquire for the use and benefit of its members.

The Harper’s Choice Community Association has been empowered by the Articles of Incorporation to advocate for the members of the Association, and to disseminate information to property owners and residents of Harper’s Choice.