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The Helen Chamber of Commerce is a member supported organization whose sole purpose is the betterment of the economic environment for the entire village. The Festhalle is owned and operated by the Greater Helen Area Chamber of Commerce and is used for hosting events, throughout the year, to bring tourist to the town. Some events are funded by the Chamber of Commerce such as Oktoberfest, Bavarian Nights of Summer, Volksmarch, and Bingo and other events like conventions, private parties, rallies, and picnics are only hosted by the Chamber, in the Festhalle.


Lillian Shawn

Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013
My review is not for Helen in General, but for one store "DJ Collectibles" that I went in today where I witnessed the manager?owner acting in a horrible way to his clerks and then he got into an altercation with a customer who stuck up for his clerks. He was the rudest man and was using the term "BS" only in long form. I saw the worst example of customer service and abuse to that customer that I have ever seen. This man is a very nasty man to both his clerks and apparently has no idea of customer appreciation or customer service. Apparently an item was looked at by the customer who noticed it was broken and showed the clerk. The clerk was chewed out when she took it to the manager. He started yelling and carrying on, basically throw the item on the floor, I think it was a knife, close to the girls feet. The customer said to the maniac manager that if he would stop fussing at his clerks he would pay for the thing that was 7 dollars, and some change,(I can't quote that exact) if the man would just stop it. From there it got way out of hand.. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. Needless to say the collectible that I was looking at was put down and I left. I felt sorry for the clerks, and the man that tried to be chivalrous to the clerks. Additionally I have to consider, SINCE I am a local, and go into Helen all the time, is this possibly a reason we have only tourist and poorer repeat business. IF every store manager/owner represented Helen in this nature Helen would loose reputation, and credibility as a family place to visit. I will hesitate going back into town and I will certainly never grace the door of DJ Collectibles again and I live up here, think what out of towners were thinking. IF we as a town do not value our customers, the day will come that we won't have any. Especially with the world media. I am actually waiting to see this on U TUBE as the mans brother videoed the episode on his cell phone. OH won't Helen get a great reputation from that:?!!! . What a horrible example to our out of town guests, and locals like me! I am appalled, saddened, and mad as a Hornet that our town was represented in this way. DJ Collectibles, GROW up. IF you can't manage your people or store with kindness and courtesy that our mountains are known for, why don't you leave. You were a horrible example of Helen today, and I suspect it is not your first time.

Frankie W. Falls

Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016
I love this place during Oktoberfest. "Zicke Jag, Zicke Jag", " Hoi, Hoi, Hoi". Come here for the celebration, don't forget your lederhosen, wool hat, stein and ID.

Candie Leigh Campbell

Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016
Second happiest place on earth.

Frank Svet

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016
Outstanding people, shops and events!

Sonya Gk

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013
Very helpful.

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