Springfield - Hotel Of Terror


The Hotel of Terror Established October 1978

At that time it was not safe to let your kids go trick or treating any longer , The kids didn’t have anything to do for Halloween so we thought we would give them something fun to do besides getting into trouble soaping windows and toilet papering houses.

Since 1978 the Hotel of Terror has been a safe place to bring your whole family or just drop off your kids while the worried mother sits in the car watching them move forward in the line until they disappear in the door. In the beginning it only took 5 to 10 minuets to go all the way thru the building we only used the two top floors at that time and we didn’t put the 96 foot slide in until 1980.

Opening night 1978 we only had 13 victims and the price was $2.00 we took in a total of $26.00 the first night we opened.

The money was not our goal the fun we had the fun we gave was our goal, It still warms my heart to see the people come to see what I have built to try to scare them.

The sound equipment we have used in the last thirty years has changed as much as we have. We started with eight track tape players and even record players, When the sound would stop we would run to restart the record. Then we started using cassette tape players at least we didn’t half to run to restart them, then came the CD’s which we still use several of them today. But what we use most is digital voice chips to make sound at the exact moment we need it.

We have always used several spooks in the Hotel to ensure a great scare, even thou we now use several air creatures, we still employ 25 or more people, so some thing or someone is going to get you and every corner.

We use all four floors of the building and you still escape down the 96 foot slide.

Now thirty years later we have scared you, your kids and your parents.



Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017
This was actually pretty fun. Just some things to be aware of- At some point you have to crawl through a small space. This isn't so great if you have knee or back issues. Also, wear sneakers or athletic shoes; parts of the floor are very steep for going up or down (not quite stairs or standard incline). The rules are pretty clear when you go in, don't use your camera/phone or flashlight. Do not touch the workers there. Then the odd ball thing is, you have to give them your fingerprint before entering the place like you're some kind of criminal. Weird. Then they make it a point before you go down the slide that you don't wear high heels or anything thats leather. The people working there are very helpful and nice while being scary. Some parts of this event are completely pitch black so someone lurking in the dark is always guiding you with a light if you ask for help. As far as props go, they are pretty low level but still fun... some are so dimly lit you can't appreciate them. Lots of young kids were there and they seemed to be liking it as well. Definitely better than Dungeons of Doom!

Billie Wright

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017
I won tickets this year to here. 'Like' them on Facebook for a chance to win tickets! I've come here at least once a year for three years. Great fun! Love the newest addition.

Tgk Fly

Friday, April 20, 2018
Best mixed with dungeons of doom some workers go a little to hard if you just want a walkthrough with friends it can get annoying

Stacy Deal

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017
Never have been to a place like this before. I am in my 40's and was a chaperone to some young teens. I am usually one of those serious, follow the rules type of personalities and thought I would be bored out of my mind. I watch scary stuff all the time. At first I was bored. My husband and I were in middle of a group. Then, we got separated from them in a maze when they got scared an ran. Then it was just my husband and I. Freaked me out! They were sooo good at spooking you. LOVED IT! Don't stick too close to a group. Much more fun! The artwork they had was magnificent. Total credit for props and set ups. Going to go again next year for sure. Crew was great. Keep up the good work!

Natalia Barker

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017
Amazingly good. It was scary and just so much fun. Workers were very nice and very into their character. Loved every bit, and was pretty worth the 14$!!!