Houston - Houston Zoo

6200 Hermann Park Drive

Mission Statement:

The Houston Zoo provides a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world.

Essentially a small city encompassing a world of ecosystems and experiences, the Houston Zoo is made up of many moving parts. We have over 4,500 permanent residents (our animals) for whom we provide housing, meals, medical care and, yes, even education! In addition, we have 1.5 million guests each year who come to experience our incredible variety of animals and ecosystems, as well as attend special private and public events and entertainment. Our dedicated staff works around the clock to ensure that the Zoo is always running smoothly for the safety and well being of our residents and guests.


Bobbie Munsel

Friday, March 30, 2018
I absolutely loved my experience here. I bought tickets online for my best friend, her husband, and my goddaughter. Got through to get in so fast!!! The staff was so kind and knowledgeable. Of course we went during spring break, so it was wild. We got to see everything we could imagine, and then some. The animals all seem very happy and well taken care of. Their keepers seem to have great bonds with them, and it was very enjoyable. The best part for us adults were the food trucks/stands in different areas. I grabbed some of the street tacos and fell in absolute love! I would go back for those any day. Best zoo I've visited, hands down. There's so much more to see around it, as well. Will be coming back soon!!

AdaJesus Chibuikem

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
I was positively amazed at all the animals. So glad they had a map to guide one around the zoo. It would be easy to get lost and go in circles. They also had labels and strategically placed map boards that let you know where you were making it easy to decide which way you wanted to go. I enjoyed my visit so much the time just flew by. Loved the aquarium too.

Jennifer Holloway

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Houston Zoo is wonderful and beautiful zoo. It's lovely to walk through, with so many large beautiful oak trees and many other beautiful plant life. Be sure to check out the birds (the indoor tropical birdhouse and the outdoor gardens). It is an often overlooked area, but so spectacular. The Houston Zoo is always working on expanding and improving the animal exhibits, so the animals always appear healthy and happy. The best thing about the Houston Zoo is that they put a lot of emphasis on education and conservation. Not only will you have fun seeing the animals, but you will learn so much! The Zoo does an amazing amount of conservation work around the world with international partners, and your visit contributes to that work! Very proud of our Houston Zoo.

Stephanie Pace

Saturday, March 17, 2018
A great way to spend the day and the kids will love it. The zoo is fairly big and it has plenty of animals to see. The University of Houston's cougar lives here as well. It is located near the museum district if you wanted to make a whole day out of it. There are places to eat inside if you wanted. Visiting during Christmas time is a good idea. The zoo does a nice job of decorating with lights and lots of people come out to see it every year.

Jessica Shawver

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Always love the zoo. It was not crowded, parking was good but we got there early. Chasing 5 kids is usually hard places but the animals were active and close up so the kids stayed close. All keepers were eager to help find things like the baby cheetahs. Also with any questions about animals. My kids loved the baby elephant. The park was very clean and cheerful.