Jackson - Jackson Dance Center

1144 East Veterans Highway

About Us:

Jackson Dance Center has a strong belief that children as well as young adults need consistent motivation and nurturing of their self-esteem. Jackson Dance Center strongly believes healthy self-esteem is the secret to success. Children are very precious and they need constant encouragement to aid them in becoming the best they can be. We at Jackson Dance Center are confidant we have the ability to help students achieve their personal best while maintaining a healthy self-esteem. In order for your child to excel at dance they need not give up other activities they enjoy. We encourage our students to go out and try different things. Kids need time to be kids, and so do teen-agers. Dance should always be fun. It should be something that you love to do and get excited about. It should not be something that is required. We also believe that it is the quality of the classes you take not the quantity that establishes a strong, healthy dancer.

We want your child's dance experience to be a good one, and can almost guarantee that it will be. We strongly believe that every child should be treated equally. From the very serious to the purely recreational we assure you they will all receive the same love and attention. We hope that you will consider choosing Jackson Dance Center for your child's dance education. At Jackson Dance Center they will learn that there is more to dance than perfecting steps, and that there is much more to life than just dance.