Wyandotte - Jo Brighton Skills Center

4460 18th Street

Our mission in educating students is to facilitate the attainment of their chosen goals during their transition to adulthood.

Josephine Brighton Skills Center was established in 1973 by the Wayne County Intermediate School District. As the years passed the services offered expanded to encompass a wide variety of vocational training options. A population growth included students of every handicapping condition. In September of 1983, the Skills Center moved to its current facility and continues its operations under the auspices of the Wyandotte Public Schools.

The Skills Center provides alternative vocational services for special education students, ages 15 through 26, residing in a Downriver/Dearborn school district, who are unable to benefit from the vocational programming offered at the high school level. Those enrolled in a special education diploma curriculum may complete the vocational training required for a high school diploma. Non diploma students may continue to receive services at the Skills Center until age 26. Currently the Center services over 300 students.

Vocational training classrooms at the Skills Center try to simulate the real world of work, with the emphasis on a hands-on approach. Textbooks have been eliminated from the vocational process.