North East - Lake Shore Railway Historical Society

31 Wall Street


Our mission is to preserve, enjoy and share the memory, history and experience of railroading, particularly that of northwestern Pennsylvania, western New York and northeastern Ohio, as it has been and as it is now. LSRHS maintains a special collection with emphasis on General Electric rail transportation products, Heisler Locomotive Works products, Pullman Standard Car Company products and all local railroad companies (past & present) due to the economic, social and historic impact they have had on the local area. LSRHS strives to accomplish its mission by preserving railroad and transportation artifacts of local, regional and/or industrial significance on its 2.5 acres of property adjacent to the CSX Railroad mainline in North East, Pennsylvania.

About Us:

The LSRHS Museum complex is a neighborhood revitalization anchor for its section of North East Borough and provides a safe and open area for viewing railroad operations (as citied in nationally distributed Trains Magazine). In addition to the historic locomotives and rolling stock we have many other artifacts and much equipment pertinent to America’s and the region’s railroad heritage, all maintained by LSRHS at the museum. The LSRHS museum is open to the public on a regular basis for 100+ days from April to October, as well as the two weekends immediately following Thanksgiving. The LSRHS Museum grounds are open to the public year-round, weather permitting.