Woonsocket - Landmark Medical Center

115 Cass Avenue

About Us:

Landmark Medical Center is more than just a community hospital. We take great pride in our patient care, not only in the treatment of specific illnesses, but in caring for the whole patient through a multidisciplinary approach.


Landmark Medical Center was created in 1988 by the merging of the former Woonsocket Hospital and John E. Fogarty Memorial Hospital, two healthcare institutions that had been part of the fabric of Northern Rhode Island and the neighboring Massachusetts communities for more than 130 years.

Each year, more than 175,000 people rely on Landmark Medical Center for their healthcare needs. The 214-bed Woonsocket Unit provides emergency, diagnostic, cardiac, oncologic, medical, surgical, pain management, pediatric, obstetric and rehabilitative care,

The Fogarty Unit in North Smithfield includes the Occupational Health Department and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Landmark also owns and operates the Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island (located on the Fogarty campus) and the Landmark Heart Center (located across from the Woonsocket Unit) and is affiliated with a network of physician offices throughout northern Rhode Island.



Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
My 90 year old father had an angioplasty procedure performed at Landmark and stayed overnight following. During his stay I was very impressed with the kindness of the staff, their courtesy and helpfulness, as well as the professionalism of everyone I encountered, including the surgeon. The equipment I saw was also very modern - not old like at other hospitals I've seen. My father reported that he was well treated during his stay and even the food was good! When he was discharged the nurses were prepared with all his paperwork and very pleasant. My father has stayed in RI Hospital, Kent, Fatima, and the VA Hospital. His stay at Landmark Medical was by far the best experience of these hospitals. Highly recommended.

Frances Alvarado

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Son came in after knee surgery, pain meds that were prescribed were to strong and he had a reaction, also was in severe pain. 3-11 nurse was extremely rude, thought it was better to argue with the patient then help. Dr. Showed up 3 times, and last time he came, asked what's wrong, my son told him I'm in pain, after 4 hours they finally offered Motrin..the Dr said he wasn't given him opiods, dummy he had a reaction to the pain meds. Really.. Landmark use to be a great hospital. But no one goes into medical cause they care any more. It's too bad. Well 4 hours later. Finally going home. 11-7 nurse, had a better personality.

ramon acevedo

Thursday, April 12, 2018
I think they need to do something about this hospital situation i meant the're not there for free they get paid for their services . And they do like you dont have more options they night personal on floor 2 not all but their a few they suck with their actitud and treatment thru their patients they never show any policy before we decide to stay or not...

Frozen One

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
This place is 199.99% unacceptable. The staff gave my girlfriend no treatment, she never saw a doctor, held her in the pysch ward all night and they were planning to leave me in the waiting room for 4+ hours until the morning. Not to mention, while my girlfriend and I were there, they treated an older man named Mark with absolutely no respect, talked to him like he was a nobody, promised to give him meds, and repeatedly asked him to shut his mouth... the man died minutes after I had fell asleep. Also while we waited for treatment (which my girlfriend never received), a man intoxicated hours before awoke, asked for his things, and soon found he was missing his Burberry wallet. Oddly enough the nursing staff had his debit cards, 300 dollars in cash, his belt, and cellphone. But he was missing 3-4 other cards and the entirety of his wallet, WHICH MIND YOU THEY FOUND HOURS LATER HIDDEN AWAY (Must’ve been the shift members before them they assured the worried man). The morning rolls around and we were soon rudely awoken by a blonde nurse with a nasty attitude. She asked me to wait out in the hallway then grouped up with her two gossip buddies decided to continuously stare, talk, and point at me. Feeling anxious, I decided to use the bathroom... when I soon realized my charger is missing and nowhere to be found in the very, very small, windowless dungeon. So not only did we receive extremely poor service, but now must live with the thought of a paid nursing staff denying a man his treatment and basically seeing him as the next empty hospital bed. Oh and my expensive iPhone charger is missing. We urge the state to please do something about this horrendous, sham of a hospital that resembles Pawtucket’s memorial hospital in many ways of its terribly poor service.

George Smith

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017
I have been to clinics in Third World Countries, Russia and Ukraine that offer faster and better care. I was recently there for bruised ribs and left hip from a ladder fall. I was in quite of bit of pain and they made me wait 2 hrs for some nonsense, so I left. The next day I called to complete the discharge and they told me NO! All my records were destroyed. I later found out they lied too me. If you are painfully hurt, find another hospital or buy a quart of whiskey, you will be better off!