New York - Lit Lounge

93 2nd Avenue

Lit Lounge is a place for painters, musicians, writers, and performers whose visions are not accepted by the mainstream to hang out and build a community.

A partnership of New York artist and musicians have banded together to take back the night for the NYC cultural community by opening a music venue LIT and art gallery FUSE in New York City's East Village.

Lit Lounge is a two level immersive experience featuring a spacious two thousand square foot lounge and bar that is unique to the creative vision of the artists who designed it.

Below, in a fifteen hundred square foot basement, the focus is on music and features an alternating roster of local, national, and international bands and DJs dedicated to an eclectic and experimental mix of styles.

Named, designed, and destined for Downtown's creative cognoscenti, Lit was conceived as an environment by and for everyone who does not fit in to the current all-American quality of life agenda.

Promoting de-gentrification and un-sterilized anti-chic, with comfort and class, Lit is about drinking and socializing with like-minded individuals.

With a highly aesthetic yet unpretentious decor that is rich with urban textures, Lit's design is based upon the pre-existing stone arch and brickwork architecture of its original tenement status, highlighted by rusted steel and suffused with dark candle-lit ambiance.

Staffed by a veteran crew of seasoned professionals, Lit is the destination where everyone who works in the service industry comes to get serviced.


Richard Rogers

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
The talented Nick Gazin was deejaying on the night that I met Netta for the first time. Vodka was cheap, conversations were deep, and it was a Thursday, I think. The date went great and I got to tell one of my favorite artists I liked his work. I like going here randomly too. I've used it as a rendezvous spot on multiple missions. Some of the bands that I see here are great and some of them are DANK.

Ramy stein

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014
A nice spot to hang out at with some friends at the bar or one of the tables they have towards the back. They also have a downstairs which can be a bit much on weekends and sometimes they may have a performance going on or karaoke depending on the night, meaning there may be a cover to be downstairs. There was a time where just about every night I'd peek my head in to see what is going on in there. This place didn't stay a hidden treasure for long and I sometimes yearn for those days when I could go in there on a weekend and not worry about how big the crowds might get.

Raven Williams

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
First time I went to the place, I was a bit skeptical at first. But then when my friend finally found Lit, we went downstairs and the scene went from light to night. The vibe was crazy for the 22nd of July gathering. Ppl were coloring pages, drinking, laughing and grooving to all sorts of heavy metal songs playing for the night. The bouncer, bartender, the ladies among others made me feel completely comfortable and at home. I felt for the first time, at peace and that I belonged too. I loved it. Can't wait for tomorrow!!! (^_^)

Vladimir Jovanovic

Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014
If you're a fan of punk and glam punk culture, you'll love this place. Three areas here. When you enter you're in a bar with art gallery all the way in the back and there is music venue downstairs. Visited this place couple of times and always had a good time. Staff is relaxed and pleasant. Bar has a dark vibe with just red lights lighting the room. Stickers on the walls all around give out that CBGB feel. Once I went there, a sculpture from late H.R. Giger was exhibited. Mind blown... The other time there was barely dressed girl (in tight leather) dancing on the bar. A lot of diverse forms of art can be found here. If bar is not dark enough for you, head downstairs for some alternative live music of many styles. Exposed brick walls, little light and sometimes many stages packed into a small room can make a great vibe. Again, punk is the key word here. To sum up, an obscure place in the best sense of that word. Definitely worth checking out.

Jeromy Benavides

Sunday, Sep. 20, 2015
I really enjoyed Lit Lounge the times I visited New York, however the doors were closed when I showed up tonight. Is it closed for good or just a temporary thing? Great spot, chill vibe with a whatever attitude.