Aurora - Mira Vista Golf Course

10110 Golfer's Way

Mira Vista Golf Course resides amidst the former Lowry AFB. Early development in the 1800’s included the Jarvis Hall Military Academy built by John Spalding. Lowry functioned, first as an Army post, then an Air Force base, and then later as a technical training and military readiness facility until 1994. The United States Air Force Academy was dedicated at Lowry Air Force Base and was its Interim site. For a time after the war, Lowry was a second home to President Eisenhower who turned Lowry into his summer White House. Mira Vista Golf Course is also the proud home of the Colorado Golf Association and the Colorado Womens Golf Association.
Managed by EAGL Golf, Mira Vista is quickly becoming one of Colorado's finest golf experiences. With breathtaking views of the rockies and native wildlife, you'll be sure to have a memborable day.