Albuquerque - National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

601 Eubank Boulevard South East


The Museum’s mission is "To serve as America’s resource for nuclear history and science. The Museum presents exhibits and quality educational programs that convey the diversity of individuals and events that shape the historical and technical context of the nuclear age."


Nate Chertack

Monday, March 19, 2018
This museum is awesome (and way better than the Natural History Museum). Learn about the Manhattan project and development of atomic weapons, nuclear energy in medicine and society, and its effects on pop culture. Walk out behind the museum to see different aircraft, rockets, and missiles. There's even an exhibit all about nuclear power plants, you'll definitely learn something. One of the most unique, interesting, and informative science museums I've been to, I'm glad I went (and you should too).

Hannah Snyderburn

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
A very informative and fun science museum! The staff were very friendly and love engaging enough guests! We enjoyed the hands on exhibits that went beyond the scope of nuclear and covered mechanical engineering too! I would bring my kids here to introduce them to a world of science!

Karsten Zhu

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
loved this place! Super cool. Lots of neat exhibits with tons of bomb casings and actual airplanes! Yup there's a big lot of planes, bombs and icbms in the back. Outstanding place to go. The staff are super knowledgeable and helpful. The exhibits have lots of history to learn.

Dmitry Volovik

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
OMG. You get to see real missiles, all their stages separated and the engines and the insides exposed. You get to see the MX (Peacekeeper). The real B52 and a real (training) 9 MT Thermonuclear bomb that it carried. For a kid or an adult interested in nuclear weapons and missiles it is an experience of a lifetime. Try to go on a nice day. Half of the fun stuff is outside in the open.

Uphoria Blackham

Friday, March 9, 2018
Lots of great info about the history of nuclear. They had a neat, temporary, hands on exhibit to demonstrate different laws relating to energy as well. If you wanna read everything, like me, you need more than the 2 hours that Google tells you. Got through half in threeish hours. Definitely will return.