Harbor City - New Life Center - A Foursquare Church

25420 Vermont Avenue


New Life Center is a community of faith seeking to engage the Greater South Bay community with the uncompromising truth of the Gospel of Christ for the purpose of creating opportunities for individuals and families to engage their worlds through faith.


New Life Center is a fellowship of Christ followers who are focused on creating an environment and culture where all are welcomed and shown the love of Christ, are brought into a place of intimacy with God and are extended the opportunity to discover how they may become a disciple of Christ.

In providing ministries and programs that provide care, support and teaching for the entire family, New Life Center seeks to engage the Greater South Bay community and to bring the unwavering message of salvation of the Gospel of Christ by maintaining a focus on sound Biblical teaching and seeking to express our faith through the use of the arts in worshiping God.

New Life Center promises to be wise and faithful stewards of all of that God has blessed our community of faith with.