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Encouraging philanthropy and sustaining nonprofit organizations

The North Georgia Community Foundation exists to be the primary vehicle for building and managing the community's permanent charitable resources.We encourage the creation of philanthropic resources to enhance the quality of life in our region, now and for future generations.We facilitate and manage charitable contributions from individuals, families, corporations, other foundations, and nonprofit organizations.We and our donors understand that North Georgia is more than a place, it is a community.The North Georgia Community Foundation envisions a community with sufficient philanthropic resources that, when invested and utilized effectively, will produce an extraordinary quality of life


Northeast Georgia is an area of great abundance, lined with beautiful rivers and streams which feed its fields, farms and foothills. The community is also made abundant by the generosity of its people. They are hardworking, have known times of difficulty and plenty and understand the interdependence between neighbors and the importance of planning for the future.

In 1985, a group of community leaders began the North Georgia Community Foundation. The Community Foundation now serves 15 counties in North Georgia, encouraging philanthropy and giving donors a way to improve the quality of life in our region for this and future generations.

What began as a sound concept in the hearts of some generous community leaders has become a dynamic community asset that enriches the area and its people. Volunteers still lead the Foundation, which provides long-term support of important causes. By acting as permanent custodians of the community's charitable resources, the Community Foundation carries out the intent of area donors year after year. But the Foundation's real story is in the tale of the people touched by each grant and the generous donors who make it all possible.


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