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Yazmin Salinas-Enriquez

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017
The only good part of my stay was my ER doctor and my ER nurse. The surgeon was amazing as well but everything else was awful. I was there for an emergency appendectomy. After surgery I awoke to find myself in need of going to the bathroom and I pressed the call light TWICE and I swear to god it took 20-30 minutes for a PT to come help me to the bathroom. The only time I was treated alright was when I had visitors over. Even just asking the overnight nurse for an ice bag for my incision I encountered eye rolling or a rude scoff. My biggest complaint would have to be the fact that I was discharged way earlier than expected and was left completely alone and unchecked on. I am 18 and had a designated driver to take me home and discharge me at 4 PM. When i tell you a nurse came in and told me I had to find someone to discharge me earlier I am not lying. The nurse asked me what time someone would be available to come pick me up around 10:06 AM and I responded "the earliest is 12 PM." She immediately came back with my discharge papers and left me completely alone until 12:06 when my second driver came to pick me up. I had no one check up on me between that time span and when i called to ask for help to go to the bathroom I was rudely told to go by myself. I will NEVER go to Delnor again.

Corey Collins

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
If I could award negative stars I would. This hospital murdered my father. They profiled my father as terminally I'll with cancer. He wasn't. He wasn't in the hospital for anything even related to his cancer. He was admitted for a case of pneumonia. But no doctor would listen to my family about his health. They could not get his health records from his other drs. Why? Because they wouldn't listen to who his drs where. My father while in the hospital developed a clot in his leg the drs said nothing to anybody about it for over a week and finally on Friday night when there was no surgical staff they announce he has a clot and say they cant do anything till Monday, and by then they will have to take his leg. All the while they starved my father for 3 weeks and wouldn't put in a feeding tube till we threatened them. Then without concent they drugged my father with a heavy dose of an antidepressant till he was catatonic. The man hadn't eaten for weeks. He never mentally came out of the drug coma they put him in. They then still refused to remove his leg and forced us to watch him die. I warn anyone who goes to this hospital, walk, run, or crawl to any other health facility. You will lose more than you gain by going to this death house.

Kristin N

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Stay away from this hospital!!! I went to the ER for a severe rash because I went to ~4 other doctors with no relief. My rash had spread, I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis, cellulitis, impatego, then back to contact dermatitis. Nothing was working, I had taken antibiotics, steroid creams, fungus creams, you name it I've taken it. Since it was spreading and not getting better I was advised to go to the ER immediately. They took me in the back with attitude. Doctor looked at me, took no blood tests, just listened to what was going on. Then prescribed me steroids and something to help with the itch. The nurse then proceeded to tell me and I quote "the ER is not for people like you with a rash" WHAT??? I've had the rash for a few months and I believe blood work would have been a start, or maybe something else besides oral meds since I've taken all before with ZERO relief. Trust me on this one, STAY FAR AWAY FROM DELNOR!!!! The follow up instructions state if my rash spreads to return to the ER for a reval. Doctor was nice (to my face that is) nurse was completely out of line, and I'm not stopping here. And again, no tests, no blood work, NOTHING!! I was in and out of the ER in less than an hour!!!

Laura Kudabeck

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
They don't listen to you, do extra tests so They can charge you more, er nurses super rude, and er gives the wrong only ammoxicillion to all infections so you come back in 2-3 days when it doesn't work. Charged my 9year old son $500 to shine a flashlight in his eye and write a prescription and every worker forgot to take his insurance card. I'd rather go to Aurora than deal with the incompetence here.

Natalie Drover

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
over the summer i severely injured my leg during a soccer game, very rare only seen in motorcycle accidents and car crashes. This was my first time breaking a bone, so you can imagine how scared i was and how much pain i was in. the doctor, rude. nurses, ruder. when finding out they had to set my leg back into place, the doctor promised to my face i wouldn't feel or remember anything as well as the nurses. acting like i was a problem and was just an annoying patient. after getting my bone set, i felt and remembered everything. worst experience of my life. THATS NOT EVEN THE WORST PART. after being up all night with ANKLE problems (not my leg??) we went to our naperville hospital. AMAZING place. they said that delnore had put on my cast way too tight almost causing compartment syndrome which is so serious and painful. i couldnt move my toes, had to go to surgery and spend a week at hospital. still have numbness and nerve problems to this day.