Otay Ranch High School

1250 Olympic Pkwy


Gold Man

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017
the parents are so rude. One of them got mad at me because I wouldn't give her any information on her son. Dumbass


Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017
Honestly this school is amazing. Currently applied in this school, and the teachers are amazing. Especially Ms. Monge and Cording, they honestly know what their doing and they push their students to do better and achieve their highest goals. One thing though, im currently scared of my math teacher, hes amazing of course, teaches me everything i need to know so far, but his voice is kind of scary. I can deal with it though. Other than that the school is amazing and full of amazing staff. If your looking for a good school full of education, as well as a school with great school events and sports, this one is the one for you. So come join us and be a darn MUSTANG. HIghkey better than Olympian and Eastlake. GOOOOOOOOOOO MUSTANGS!!!!!! We Want You, To come join our amazing school.

Vanessa Flores

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017
Office staff are horrible and rude. I called to ask about an email I received talking about a threat and the lady who answered was super rude said she couldnt give me information, how is it I cant get information when my son is there. How do they expect the kids to have manners and treat them with respect when they clearly have none for anyone.

Arturo Hafen

Friday, July 21, 2017
When seeing these reviews, one might think that this school is full of sex-crazed drug dealers. The people writing them are all simply followers of an alt-right speaker by the name of Ben Shapiro who was once invited to speak. If you don't know who this is, he falls in the category of Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones which basically means he's a "new age conservative" that is rejected by his own peers in his political movement and can only gain relevance by saying controversial things. He stated to the students that the reason people are poor is because "they don't know how to manage their money" which comes to a surprise to anyone who has actually been in that situation and shows how detached from reality this guy is. Not to mention Ben Comes from a privileged background, making his opinion on the matter irrelevant. I went to this school and was pleased with the Advanced Placement and Honors programs offered. The school is also really safe and clean considering its also one of the newest ones in the Sweetwater District. The teachers were helpful and the Compact for Success program offered gives automatic admission to San Diego State University if you choose to follow it. The school is also extremely diverse and all the students come from new middle-class neighborhoods, making gangs and crime on the school nonexistent. The school also offers an excellent criminal justice program exclusive to the school which helps those who want to work in the justice system get a preference and head-start. Also, my earlier criticism of Ben Shapiro might give the impression that I am a leftist. I am not only a centrist conservative, but part of the ROTC program at San Diego State to become an Army officer. Maybe Mr. Shapiro should quit being a snowflake and join himself, but that would require hard work and bravery. I guess that's what you call being a "chickenhawk."

Jessa Clark

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
While being a school that should welcome ALL conversation and free thought, they'd rather shut down speakers whom they had invited in the first place. Fascist, rude, obvious indoctrination to a one sided thought process. Beware sending your children to schools such as these. The greatest thing about America is that we welcome ALL forms of thought opinion based as well as fact based. This is what challenges us to go out and research and study and form our own opinions and thoughts. Shame on these educators. Institutions like these need to be shut down!