Bronx - Parkchester Branch Library

1985 Westchester Avenue

The Parkchester branch of The New York Public Library serves a multiethnic neighborhood with a growing population of immigrants from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa, and the Middle East.

The library offer books for all ages, as well as  DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks. In addition, it has materials in various languages including English, Spanish, Bengali, French, Chinese, Urdu, and Hindi. We also offer English for Speakers of Other Languages as well as a TechConnect computer lab with classes taught in English, and select classes in Spanish and Bengali.

The two-floor, brick building features a semi-circular facade, which creates a recessed courtyard. The  animal sculptures in the courtyard won the 1984 Annual New York City Art Commission Award. The 7,500-square-foot interior is air-conditioned and fully accessible to people who use wheelchairs. The branch began serving the Northeast section of the Bronx in 1942, when it was originally housed in the Parkchester Housing Development. In June 1985, the library moved to its present quarters along Westchester Avenue.


That Guy

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
One of the better libraries. They have a lot kid activities and books to check out. Many in different languages and genres. Friendly and accomadating staff. Nice cubicles for laptop use that provide some privacy. Sometimes there are noisy people but the staff and security are able to shut them down 99% of the time before they get annoying.

Ferhan Ali

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017
Clean, quiet, and convenient Close to major highways and Train transit (#6 train, 39 &44 buses and more.) The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I enjoyed my visit.


Friday, Feb. 16, 2018
The Staff is very disrespectful to me. When I asked a staff if they had a book that I wanted they just pointed to where it's at. They couldn't come and help me to look for the book. Also, they looked very very tired.

Eric Shields

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017
Airy Layout [I have not explored the upper level] The library's rotunda-like shape makes it seem larger than it appears on the outside. The library can sometimes get loud during certain hours, so I suggest if you want silence, come before 2 PM or after 4 PM. There are plenty of reading tables near the windows, each with outlets and a decent view of nearby buses and the Westchester Ave elevated subway line. The restrooms are not publicly accessible. You must ask for the key from security prior to access. The reservation station is near the door. Nearby Transit: The Parkchester - East 177th Street Station (6). The Q44 +selectbusservice+ and Bx4/Bx4a. The BxM18 to East Midtown.

Anymous Jannat

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Too bad I can't give ZERO stars. Me and my friend have been singled out and have been treated very unfairly here. It is unconstitutional. There are dozens of instances but I shall only name two. One time, I rushed to the upstairs bathroom because the downstairs bathroom was occupied and had a line. With a smile I asked politely for the bathroom keys while holding my bleeding finger. I was denied the keys because I was over the age of 12. Even though others who were my age and older right before me had been able to use the upstairs bathroom. As I was going down to the steps to go the downstairs bathroom, the employee rudely shouted at me to go "downstairs!" Just a few months ago, my friend and I left a laptop unattended while we were outside for exactly 6 minutes. When we came back we were told the laptop had been taken away because we were gone. Which we thought was unnecessary but we understood and did not complain. The laptop was under my name. My library card was suspended for 1 month but my friend was also denied use of a laptop for being next to me. she had no relations with the laptop which I was using and was in my name. because she was seen with me, she was Denied the use of a laptop for the next month. Me and my friend didn't agrue. Later that day, me and my friend were kicked out because we took a book from it's shelf and placed it in a nearby spot. As you can see we where treated very unfairly. If any of the staff are reading this, you know who we are.