Aurora - Prairie Children Preschool

780 Shoreline Drive

To prepare young children for future success through high quality, comprehensive, developmentally and individually appropriate educational experiences in collaboration with family and community.

Families are the primary caregivers and educators of young children.

Young children are capable and competent.

Young children learn through active exploration of their environment through child initiated and teacher-selected activities.

There are individual differences in rates of development among children.

Children will exhibit a range of skills and competencies in any domain of development.

Knowledge of child growth and development, cultural diversity, and consistent expectations are essential to maximize educational experiences for children and for program development and implementation.

Well-rounded children are encouraged to develop in all areas including cognition, physical and social development, and communication.


Soliel De Bella

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017
I loved the teachers here, I really did, but when you sit down for an IEP meeting and you discuss for an hour how sick your child always is all the time and why she is missing so much school and then you bring in a mound of documentation from specialists from Luries hospital, you would think you would propose some kind of understanding in why a child would miss so much school, instead, a member in the IEP room actually had the gall to look around at everyone saying "hey sometime's I don't feel like going to work, but I still do, right! I mean is that how everyone feels here"....Obviously insinuating that my daughter at 3 yrs old is somehow coercing us into not going to school apart from her viral infections, fevers, asthma, anemia, dyspraxia, and more..I mean really? yes, that must be the answer. We just let her stay home instead of sending her with fevers and flu's ...COMPLETELY discounting the hour it took to show them what she goes through from the doctors themselves and discussing it, I couldn't believe this woman was wrapping up the meeting, summing it up as such, talk about disgusted! was not pleased how we were handled and I want others to know to speak up if they find themselves in this situation, unfortunately, I didn't. I think I was too stunned but i'm speaking up now....Shelly Gasper

manasa ls

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016
Its the best preschool kids can have where the teachers are friendly understanding and accommodating to everyone.

sanjeevprasad kotapati

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
This preschool is really the best in this area.awesome staff specialized in dealing with son got a great help in improving his skills

Amerika Ana

Friday, Oct. 7, 2016