Kyle - Seton Medical Center Hays

6001 Kyle Parkway


Kiki Laroo

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Was brought in by EMS for possible stroke. ER doctor never ran any test and treated me horrible. She asked if I had a therapist. The nurse I had was rude and neither had any compassion. Went to my doctor the next day to find out I have spinal colum swelling causing my horrible symptoms. This was an extremely scary experience and the staff at Seton made me feel worse. They treated it as I had a muscle issues and never considered the swelling even though I had just had a CT with contrast in my spine. Once again, Seton exceeds as horrible human care. I will never go to this ER again. Maybe instead of playing god you should really think about the patient.

nin nin

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018
I have visited this place twice, one took my little brother to the ER for breathing problems at midnight and he was quickly taken in and examined by a very attentive nurse 5 stars on that, the second visit I came in with my dad who had welder's flash and a swollen face, came in past midnight again and there were no rooms, the receptionist kept asking though and I felt she really cared about his pain, after a few minutes she gets a hold of a clean room and we go in, after 20 minutes a doctor comes in and fiddles with this machine shining a bright light to look for possible metal fragments in his eyes, after getting the clear we are free to go. 3 stars on this one for the surprisingly long 20 minute wait for small town kyle texas past midnight. Both times I left my car in the emergency entrance and was told that was fine for short term.

Howdy Ya'll

Monday, Dec. 18, 2017
Went into the ER for an injured foot. I was hesitant not having insurance, but I went due to the severe pain I was in. The whole experience was horrible! Never saw a nurse after being admitted into a room. Later a gentleman walks in telling me to take my pants off for a procedure. Yeah talk about whoa! He stated, “Didn’t the nurse tell you about the prosedure?” I said nope haven’t seen anyone for a half hour. Later a doctor came in for about two minutes or less asking me about my PT and what was going on. He then realized the PT meant patient not physical therapy, and said he would wait for test results then walked out. Financial then came in and nearly all my info that was taken previously had wrong when I registered for the visit. Waited about four hours only to find out I don’t have blood clots and to elevate my leg and take Motrin. A visit costing me an arm and a leg just to be told to take Motrin and see my doctor. I was infuriated! Nonetheless, it’s been two days now and I am still in severe pain, and still dealing with my foot injury. The hospital should do a better job taking care of their patients and ensure they are taken care of properly. Not send them off still in pain with nothing really done to solve the issue. What was the point of me visiting to have nothing done for my injury. I would never want to be admitted to this hospital EVER again. Seek somewhere better and who cares about their patients. I hope this helps others realize this may not be the best place to visit.

Sara Reyes

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
I have been to this location a few times for things here and there. On my last visit I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, my husband and I had been battling what we think was a stomach bug for weeks and I was severely dehydrated. I had lost 10 lbs in one week. They separated my husband and i, despite my constant pleas to be kept together because I have severe anxiety when it comes to doctors and hospitals. My husband was seen first in another room (I know because he text me) given an iv and everything. I waited over an hour and a half without one person even coming in to see me. Just two weeks away from delivering a baby! By the time I had my iv it was almost 4 hours later! This place is a joke. I wouldn't trust them with my life, or my child's. No sense of urgency at all. No respect for patients.

Michael Reynolds

Monday, April 2, 2018
My 96 yar old mother with a history of a stroke was taken to the ER with a BP of 213/88, literally noyjing was done. She was a dose of her normal BP medication and told she had to be moved into the hallway(A clear JAACHO violation) where she would be monitored. Her B/P was nevre taken again and the MD told her she wasn't concerned and to call her cardiologist in the morning. After sitting for 2 hours in the hallway, she was told her lab needed to be drawn again since the first sample never made to the lab, in other words got lost. This place absolutely has the worst care I have ever seen, it should be throughly invested by JAACHO and by the Texas Department of Health. I wouldn't send my dog to this place for care.