Spring Mount - Spring Mountain Ski Area

757 Spring Mount Road

Spring Mountain Ski Area celebrates 13 years under the care of Richard and Gayle Buckman who took over the ownership and operation in 2000.  The slopes had been closed for over a year and were destined for development.  After learning to ski at Spring Mountain and opening their first Buckman's Ski Shop to share their love of the sport with others, the Buckman family was compelled to try to save the recreation area.


Laura Toff

Sunday, April 15, 2018
As a previous employee of Spring Mountain I still absolutely love them!! I worked there since I was 13 years old on and off. I taught skiing for a million years and absolutely loved it. The staff is great everyone is great! It's truly a family place!! I suggest that everybody should learn how to ski here because it's that kind of mountain, it's a great place to learn. The prices are competitive and the food inside has the most amazing french fries That We crave all year just to get them. I do not suggest that you eat at the food places on the outside those aren't as great as the one inside. And they're much more expensive outside.

Liz Rivett

Friday, Feb. 9, 2018
Five stars for what it is - Great for families and beginner or intermediate levels. Despite the recent rain and lack of natural snow, the conditions today were about as good as it gets for PA skiing. Hardly any ice and a really nice surface. And the best part is it is so close to the Philly suburbs. No traffic or weekend commitment, just jump in the car for some afternoon runs. I haven't participated in tubing but it looks like the fastest and most exhilarating compared to other local runs. Tubing is not for beginners!

Peter Tu

Thursday, March 1, 2018
A good ski place (I wouldn't call it "resort") for novice skiers. It might lack challenges for more experienced skiers. Classes are available for a good price. "Magic carpet" is also available for real beginners. A whole family can enjoy a Sunday evening under $100.

Madhu Pillai

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
Good place to have some family fun. They have a pub and a cafe. Little crowded but good friendly staff. There is a fire pit outside ...could be more. A nice food truck with good menu. A beer shack. Good parking space.

Michael Bobbert

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Had a pretty bad experience here with my girlfriend yesterday. She had never even been on a snow mountain before and it's been about 10 years for me since I last snowboarded. We decided to take the beginner snowboarding lesson and that was a mistake. Although the instructor was friendly, the lesson itself was extremely accelerated. My girl was barely given a chance to try basic things such as skating, before being forced to take a ski lift she was nowhere near ready for. After an extremely embarrassing lift fall and another 30 minutes of falling nonstop on her butt down the mountain, she was ready to never step foot on snow again. All in all, the instructor was having us perform things that even I, with snowboarding experience, struggled with. He didn't give us time to understand or master each technique before teaching us the next. This led us to an endless amount of unnecessary failure. To add to it, the snow was extremely packed on the entire mountain so falling wasn't fun. I understand that falling is expected but we weren't given a chance or the time to learn from our falls or to go at our own pace. To note, we flew out of state just for this and ended up cutting our weekend short because of this bad experience. I absolutely regret taking this lesson and wouldn't recommend it. I would hope private lessons are better but it's too late, I'm not wasting another dollar here again.