Stanfordville - Stanford Free Library

14 Creamery Road

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Stanford Free Library is to provide the Stanford community with access to a wide variety of materials and technologies for reading, listening, and viewing.
Our library is a focal point for community activities.  We provide programs that help nurture young children’s love of literature, as well as those that are of key interest to our adult population.
Our goal is to continue collaborating with our community organizations and adapting to the needs of Stanford residents, in a way that reflects the demographic, social and technological changes in our rural community.


nancy j. nichols

Friday, March 18, 2016
The librarians here are excellent. I was upset about the change in ease of use of website as remarked below, but one gets used to almost anything. That aside, hats off to the librarians. 3/18/16 I dislike the word 'hate' or I would have given it 1 star. Why did they spend money to create a new website when the old format was much clearer in it's presentation?? The new one is not user friendly or efficient, just annoying but oh yes, they included a smiley face. Is that supposed to make it ok and inclusive? I can't request books due to some "problem with my account" I checked and I have a 2.40 overdue fee which is below the $10 cut-off for borrowing. Will someone please stop and think before spending unnecessary taxpayer dollars.


Thursday, March 2, 2017
Great library!