Dearborn Heights - Star International Academy


The mission of Star International Academy is to provide its students with quality education that focuses on the Michigan core curriculum and international cultures, including the study of a language, culture, and history different from one's own.

The academy shall provide an education that will enable the various ethnic traditions, values, and experiences of students to enrich and nurture one another. Moreover, the Academy shall provide an education of the whole child by integrating the different aspects of children's learning and lives so as to make them more meaningful


Nisrin Kassir

Friday, March 30, 2018
There is no bullies at that school at all!!! Everyone is friends with everyone even the high school boys r all nice..


Friday, Dec. 22, 2017
This is honestly the worst school ever. Going here will make your life miserable. The teachers don't care most of the time about what the students say. You'll get bullied if you do something stupid and decide to open up and be yourself. Also, you'll meet a lot of fake people who will try to get you to talk and then use it against you. This year is my first year and I already hate this school. Don't take your kids here if you want them to get away from bullying. they'll only get hurt more. I'm always getting called names for something I did in the past. They never forget about it and they'll always remember and talk behind your back even if you try to ignore it. It won't be any help because you can't shut up half your grade. There's drama everywhere and somehow you'll get involved. The students are selfish, petty, ignorant, etc. They have really bad education. This is from my experience but I'm telling you if you're different, they'll treat you awfully. Please don't come here. I'm trying to leave this school asap!

Alaa Jeafar

Thursday, March 1, 2018
Verie nize skool. Love tha sborts. Great princibal. A blus rating.

Sir Lisa

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
School is not good, all the staff care about is behavior and not education. If you talk you get sent to the deans office right away. What a waste of time, also teachers get emotional for no apparent reason. We got lots of substitutes because teachers left the school or got fired. It's a hell hole here. And also, I should not forget, the bullying is outrageous here; non of these bullying programs even work not even a single bit. So please, do yourselves a favor.

Batoul El-Zein

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018
This school is honestly amazing in education. Ive seen alot of improvement in myself and many others students as well as culture and diversity.