Fullerton - Sunny Hills High School Theatre Department

1801 Warburton Way

Theatre One, Theatre Two, International Baccalaureate Theatre Studies, Production Management

Students in the beginning stages of Theatre Study will take Level One. In this class they will study the basic techniques of blocking, directing, acting, and basic script writing. The focus in this class is primarily to gain an appreciation of theatre, experience both on stage and behind the scenes as a director, and to become more confident in front of other people.
The class begins with short (about one page) scene work and moves on to character development, blocking and movement. By the end of the year the students will be able to take longer scenes (approximately 10 pages) and stage them. Between the beginning of the year and the end, the students will have had opportunities to act, direct, critique and evaluate all types of theatre.

The students in Drama Two, an intermediate level Theatre Class have made a conscious decision to further their study and techniques in the world of theatre arts. This class will take a more focused look on directing, use of stage and finer character development. Much more of a study is made in improvisation as well.
The first semester of the Drama Two class in geared towards the use of stage in a variety of manners. Students will become proficient in all types of staging techniques. The skills they learn in this area are applicable to Children's Theatre, Classical Staging, Contemporary works as well as Festival techniques.
During the second semester the students will begin to stage full length published one acts, working primarily in Arena Style staging. By the end of the second semester, to goal is to have an evening of Drama Two performances staged for parents and friends

The highly competitive I.B. Theatre Studies class was the first of its kind in the Fullerton Union High School District, as well as in the North Orange County area. Students who have elected to take this class are dedicated to learning theatre history, theory, analysis and production technique. This class also participates in the Drama Teachers of Southern California Fall Festival and the Spring Shakespeare Festival. Also, before Winter Break, the students stage original holiday stories and travel to surround elementary schools performing for the local children, often doing seven or eight shows in one day.
Students in this class are eligible to take the I.B. Theatre Studies Higher or Secondary Level Examinations. If passed, the students are awarded advanced placement in many colleges and universities. In order to qualify for this exam, the student must make continuous efforts throughout the year in the theatre studies course. Journals must be kept, independent study performed, outside the classroom theatre experience must be gained and an in depth research project must be completed. Students will be required to take either the Higher or the Secondary level exam. Also, I.B. Students will be required to take the Acting Exam with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in January.
If students choose to take the class but decline to take the exam, the classroom experience is still rigorous, however the outside work is not required. This year the class has studied Aristotle's Poetics, Medea, and Bergson's Theories of Comedy. Also, they have had many performance experiences, including festival work, children's theatre, one acts and preparation for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts examinations.

Students enrolled in this class will study Theatre from the point of view of a designer. They will have hands on experience with lighting design, set design, costume design, publicity, financial management and sound design. Opportunities will be made available for these students to earn money working as lighting and sound crew for outside activities and organizations that use the PAC.


Trevor Sweeney

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
enter the school happy leave depressed and hope for the best

Math Solutions

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017
Good school with great teachers except some....🤔

Muhammad Irfan

Monday, April 16, 2018
The best HS ever

jacqueline sanchez

Monday, Jan. 16, 2017
Go Lancers! Class of 2011! Loved this place. It gives you a feeling of nostalgia. Such a beautiful school with so much to offer and wonderful people. Loved all my teachers, Mr. Kim, Mrs. Cannon, Mr, Garcia, Mr. Brown, Mr. Del, Mr. Abbott.

Alyn Rivera

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017
Love this school so far. 10x better than my elementary school tho. XDD Made a lot of new friends here and everyone seems to have great school spirit. GO LANCERS!!!!