Anaheim - The Chance Theater

5522 East La Palma Avenue


Chance Theater is dedicated to the creation of exciting theatrical experiences, taking artistic risks, and collaborating with gifted artists on passionate and provocative plays and musicals.

Our mission is to contribute to a more compassionate, connected, and creative Orange County.

We do this by:

 - producing powerful, socially-conscious, provocative, intimate theater experiences

 - generating participation and dialogue between our diverse communities

 - nurturing and supporting local artists

 - inspiring and empowering creative young minds

Proud to be one of the leading ensemble-driven theatre companies in Southern California, Chance Theater recently won three Ovation Awards, including Best Production of a Musical – Intimate Theater, for its West Coast premiere of Triassic Parq – The Musical. The Chance also received an LADCC Award earlier this year for its reimagined revival of West Side Story. Twice named “Outstanding Arts Organization” by Arts Orange County, Chance Theater is also a recipient of the LADCC’s Polly Warfield Award for Excellence. Founded in 1999, Chance Theater is focused on its goal of being Orange County’s premiere mid-size contemporary theater. As a constituent member of Theatre Communications Group, Network of Ensemble Theaters, and the LA Stage Alliance, Chance Theater continues to bring national attention to the Southern California and Orange County theater scenes.


Alan Corcoran

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Met the founders almost 20 years ago when looking for a place for my (then) HS daughter to volunteer. Served on the first board, appeared in a few cameos, even provided accompaniment for a couple holiday shows. Productions are high quality, theater draws from a wealth of local talent and there is a core company of Fellows-in-Training, Fellows, Resident Artists, and Council Members that keep the place going. Each season has a mix of musicals, dramas, kid and holiday fare. Check out one show or subscribe and save substantially over a season.

John Bowden

Saturday, March 3, 2018
We saw James and the Giant Peach and really enjoyed ourselves. Small intimate theater (about 50 seats for the smaller theater), with good viewing. The actors were great and very talented! What fun visuals and songs! Great for kids.

Robert Ovalle

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
AMAZING PERFORMANCE OF JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH!!! Loved the movie growing up and enjoyed the play a lot. The house we watched it in was the smaller one which allowed for the play to be more "intimate" and more enjoyable!

Kay Bates

Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017
Do not take a "Chance" on this theater!!! Staff was rude from the moment we entered the door. I took the family as part of their Christmas gift with 4 children. I thought this would be good family fun for all. We drove over an hour. We saw "The Secret Garden" matinee. Our smallest child was enjoying the show, when he started to fuss I promptly took him out. We came back in after about 10 minutes and he was quiet and continued to enjoy. Before the end of the first act, I was tapped on the shoulder and the woman from the ticket counter said, "You need to come with me". Not knowing why I had to leave, I followed with our youngest and my fiance. She told us that we had to leave and that there had been complaints from the cast and the stage manager about our child, NOT from the patrons. The only thing that was said to me by the woman seated next to me was how cute my son is. When we questioned that the people complaining were not patrons, she said "the patrons were looking at us". How would she know, she was at the ticket counter as I saw her there when I came out before. They were unapologetic and rude. I got a partial refund and left with our youngest. If they have an age range policy it should be clearly stated so I never would've made the unfortunate trek here in the first place. Merry Christmas was more like Bah Humbug! Secondly, I have made a career in the arts and am writing under a pseudonym. Whilst performing on stage, one must disregard the "fourth wall". These actors are doing a musical in a strip mall, not Hamlet in the round.

Linda E

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
This is a very small, intimate venue with amazing Productions. We just saw James and the Giant Peach and it was fantastic. The cast was so talented the choreography was excellent and the directing was the best.