Jackson - The Company of Music Theatre and Dance

265 South New Prospect Road


The incentive for the creation of The Company of Music, Theatre and Dance, Inc. (the Company) is to establish a vehicle for promotion of the arts, including training, nurturing, and fostering aspiring young artists, regardless of their financial ability, in the essential skills needed to perform in concert dance and/or theatre arts. In doing so, the Company intends to expand its activities to include, but not limited to, providing and/or promoting the following:

Training in classical and contemporary dance styles, drama, and voice that are indicative of the theatre arts;

Appreciation of the distinguished musical styles and composers of our times;

Introduction of widely known and established techniques of esteemed dance instructors, choreographers, directors, etc. from both past and present;

Ability to work side by side with professional choreographers and directors, as well as other artists (musicians, poets, writers, and others from our community and other cultural communities);

Development of original and established works that will include some or all of the aforementioned performance techniques;

Performance of original and established works for members of our community;

Educating public citizens within the community as to the importance of theatre arts to develop audiences for such endeavors;

Training volunteers and other interested participants in stagecraft techniques and skills, including lighting and scenery design, costume design, etc.;

Planned solicitation of support from federal, state, and local governmental sources, as well as private institutions and businesses with interests in supporting the arts;

Development of long-term association with educational institutions to provide theatre arts exposure leading to promotion and encouragement of the cultural diversity in our community;

Pursuit of other activities which are consistent with the Company's mission of promoting theatre arts in its community.