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About the

Tinley Park SERTOMA Club...


     A growing number of people have discovered an ideal outlet for their energy, their enthusiasm and their dedication to serve their communities.  They have discovered THE TINLEY PARK SERTOMA CLUB and so can YOU.

     Through our many fundraisers we support local charitable organizations and individuals in need of help.        

       THE TINLEY PARK SERTOMA CLUB, chartered in 1983, consists of men and women from Tinley Park and surrounding communities who enjoy helping people.         

       SERTOMA is made up exclusively of volunteers - no salaries are paid.

       All funds raised by SERTOMA remain in the community and provide needed support for local programs.

       COME AND SEE IF THE TINLEY PARK SERTOMA CLUB IS RIGHT FOR YOU!                                 

                    WHAT IS SERTOMA?

     SERTOMA INTERNATIONAL is an organization composed of business, self-employed, agricultural, professional, and related commercial interest men and women knit together in the bonds of friendship and united by the concept of Service to Mankind and their communities, with its principle sponsorship being hearing disorders. SERTOMA is a contraction of the words SERvice TO MAnkind. q SERTOMA promotes civic responsibility through community service. q Joining SERTOMA means giving of yourself in many ways, but in serving others, you serve yourself as well.  Now is the time to complete an application and return it today for your membership.  You'll discover in the work of SERTOMA that... SERTOMA MEANS SERVING