Wheaton - Trinity Episcopal Church

130 N West Street

Trinity Church in downtown Wheaton is in the Diocese of Chicago, and The Diocese of Chicago is a part of the Episcopal Church. In turn, the Episcopal Church is affiliated with the world-wide Anglican Communion. (This includes the Church of England, the Church of Canada, and many others.)

Anglicanism grew out of the unique historical circumstances of the late sixteen- and early seventeenth-century England, which was marked by a powerful sense of national identity and whose populace was split between Catholics and Protestants. Long before the Protestant Reformation, the English church was notorious for its sense of independence. Finally severed from Rome under Henry VIII, the Anglican Church took shape theologically under Henry's three children: Edward VI, a firm Protestant who reigned for six years, long enough to institute the first Book of Common Prayer, a decidedly Protestant document; Mary I, a devout Catholic who reigned for five years, long enough to reinstate certain Catholic practices that Edward had proscribed; and finally the Pragmatic Elizabeth, who in her forty-year reign labored brilliantly to forge not only a society but an established church that was broad enough to include all but the most extreme Catholics and Protestants.

The result was -- and is -- a church of astonishing theological breadth. But it is not breadth in a lax, lazy, anything-goes sense. The Anglican Church, when truest to its own theological traditions, views the mind not as a potential instrument of the Devil but as a gift of God. And it takes seriously the idea of the community of faith as a context within which people from different backgrounds and with varying perspectives can openly share their experiences of God, can attend to one another in a spirit of love, and can thereby gain insights that may help every member of the community to move somewhat closer to God's truth.


Cy-Fi Samael

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017
I have a fraudulent DEBIT charge in my bank account from this Church I have never been there before, I'm an atheist, & I'm very disturbed by this situation

Andrew Brauer

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017

Melissa Ricchetti

Friday, June 2, 2017