Annapolis - Weems Creek: An SBC Church

600 North Bestgate Drive

Who Are We?

Individually, we are people with many different needs just like you. However, we don’t face life alone. We are a family of believers who have discovered a new meaning and a new joy in life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His people. 

What Are Our Services Like?

All of our worship services include an energetic mix of scripture-based modern worship songs and great classic hymns of faith led by a full worship band. The Pastor’s messages are Bible-based and relevant to life. Testimony, video clips, and special music presentations are also incorporated into the worship experience when possible. However, the goal is not to entertain. The goal is to give worship to God and build faith in the hearts of His people. 

Childcare for preschoolers (Infant - Kindergarten) is provided for all worship services. 


Evangelina Montgomery

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018
The Church was nice and maybe if we would have been there longer it would felt alot more like heartfelt we glad you came

ben darius

Sunday, Sep. 14, 2014
This churches greatest strength is it's friendly congregation. The fellowship is fantastic, but you have to show up early or stick around afterwards to get it. Worship is a mix of hymns, 90's worship hits, and modern worship music, and the sound guys are great. Sermons are very beginner oriented- coming to salvation and basic bible knowledge. To get spiritual meat at this church, you have to attend a Sunday school, which I would highly recommend. The Sunday school programs have great leadership and do a great job providing the opportunity to connect with God and people. The building is beautiful and the staff well organized and welcoming. Weems Creek Baptist doesn't deserve 5 stars because the sermons are geared towards new believers and therefore exclude the vast majority of those sitting in the room.

Victoria Hourican

Sunday, June 4, 2017
Everyone is very friendly.

Vanessa Rivera

Friday, Aug. 14, 2015