Houston - Willowridge High School

16301 Chimney Rock

Vision Statement

WHS will prepare every student for college and or a career in the workforce.

Mission Statement

WHS will provide an environment where attaining a higher education is a reality for all students.


Class and Character: A new Era of Academic and Athletic Excellence.

Core Beliefs

Care, Commitment, Trust


Kiki Nobbee

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
People are wrong about this school and the people who come out of it not only do they educate us really well they also teach us how to stick together​ and work well with our peers and that's something not all schools can do yes our principal Mr. gram is unfair and mean sometimes but it's just tough love and he's teaching us that we need school because without it you will be nothing but a bum on the streets. From what I've seen willowridge also brings out the best in people and parents really need to give the school a chance _class of 2020

Carla Mchenry

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017
I give this school a 1 not because of the teachers but based off the fort bend isd officer Bennett. She shouldn't be allowed to be an officer at that school or any other school.She in my opinion is very scary and her only means to control a situation is to pepper spray our children. What world do we live in? About 10 girls got peppers sprayed just this past week.Mines being one and I will not stop until she is removed from this high school.I have a 19yr that graduated in 2016 an she said the same thing happened all four years she went there lucky she never got mased.But I am highly irritated. Where in the parent handbook does it say We give yall permission to pepper spray our children? .2nd there trying to send my 9th grader to Ferndale because she defended herself against another young lady who clearly swung at her 1st over a hairstyle? (I have video).There reasoning is because my daughter responded "If she wants to fight me then she come to me" I knw my child and I talk with her and I talk to several different students who said the young girl been saying she wanted to fight my daughter. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE TEACHERS,STAFF,LAW ENFORCEMENT. I bet my last breathe if someone swung at them their going to swing back regardless if it's another adult or student.They feel as if sending them to an alternative school or pepper spraying them is teaching them a lesson.Well it's not it's putting a label on them.Also telling them to sit around an get bullied and beat up .Everyone isn't going to run to the office every time the hear something. In a court of law that's called hear say and doesn't stand a leg. I'M HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS SCHOOL AND THE SUPER .I HAVE REACHED OUT PRIOR TO MY DAUGHTERS 9TH GRADE TRYING TO GET HER TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER SCHOOL AND GOT REJECTED. I CAN GO ON BUT I WON'T. JUST PLEASE GET OFFICER BENNETT OUT THAT SCHOOL BEFORE YALL ARE FACED WITH A LAWSUIT. SHE IS DANGEROUS.

Heyitsemelin martinez

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Thursday, May 18, 2017
The school is ok. However this years graduating procedure is a total mess and is causing alot of stress on low income families. Mandatory, restricted number of tickets to enter your childs ceremony. The inconveniences paying for parking. I'm gonna look into k.i.p or another academy school for my upcoming high school children. Graduations for the Willowridge High School 2017 class should have never started being held at The smart Financial Centre in sugarland.

Kill Me

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Teachers explore various ways on teaching students so every student can learn their own way.