Walhalla - Yellow Branch Falls Trail

2907-3023 Highlands Hwy

Nestled in a mixed pine/hardwood stand, this picnic area is beautiful any time of year. Picnic tables are scattered about the upper and lower loops. A Civilian Conservation Corps stone and wood shelter and a restroom are accessible by wheelchair from the lower loop parking lot. Yellow Branch creek is located across from the picnic area and is easily reached by a short loop hiking trail.


Grace Lockett

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
This is a really great hike. My partner and I went a day or two after it had rained and the waterfall was stunning. It is a bit challenging in places where you have to cross the river. I highly recommend waterproof shoes! The hike takes maybe and hour or two to complete and is more of a walk, except for the areas in which you need to cross the river. I definitely plant to hike it again.

Jon Miller

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
We really enjoyed the hike! Not a difficult hike so most people can easily do the hike. We had a great time with family and friends. We would love to see it again in the spring or early summer!!

Zac Laven

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018
This is our favorite waterfall trail. We took our six year old and carried our two year old. Be aware that this is not an easy hike but not a strenuous one either. You cross a few creeks and have to watch out for roots and ledges, but that's the fun in it too. Never too busy and plenty of room for the kids to play at the bottom of the waterfall. 3ish miles total out and back.

Jeffrey Terry

Monday, April 16, 2018
Amazing waterfall with a beautiful hike. Be sure to bring at least some water - the hike is certainly longer than a short walk - and be sure to be back to the parking lot before they lock the gate for the night (8pm if I'm remembering right)

Bryan Busch

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
I have lived within 10 miles of Yellow Branch for over 40 years. This is the third time I've been here. What a beautiful place. This is a "must experience" place!