Yorba Linda - Yorba Linda Public Library

18181 Imperial Highway

The library was begun in 1913 with a small donation of books. In 1914 an election was held and the library became an independent special district with an elected board of trustees. The library had the ability to set a tax rate for support. In July, 1985, the library was dissolved as a special district and became a department of the City of Yorba Linda; the Board became an advisory commission appointed by the City Council. The library retained its percentage of the local property tax as a continued means of support and currently receives 86% of its revenue from this property tax allocation.


John Shipp

Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017
I love libraries, and this one is my favorite. There are lots of intangibles at play in the mixture of assets, but it all comes down to the staff. Such amazing people. I don't know if the new facility is going to have the same kind of comfortable feel architecturally, but as long as we get to deal with the same group of friendly, creative, knowledgeable bibliophiles, we're in for an excellent upgrade.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018
You can rent movies for only $1.50 each ! The hand sanitizer is always full & there are so many events for kids, that are worth while going to.

India Clamp

Sunday, July 9, 2017
Beautiful library with rose garden. Check out the seed library and the selection of free movies (quite extensive). Copper sculpture at east entry is inspirational. Techie features are audio book drop, and book drops for those needing to drop and go. Great service and staff. Wifi was not slow and they have loud and quiet sections. Now I understand why they call Yorba Linda the "land of gracious living." Parking was ample and there is an overflow lot across the street. This library is worth a visit. Nice selection of periodicals.

Roger Gentry

Thursday, Sep. 29, 2016
This is Yorba Linda's city library. It's just the right size and has a program for everyone. The children's section it separate from the main library which help keeps the rest of the library quite and easy to study.

reggie lampert

Friday, June 26, 2015
This used to be a great library for studying but recent changes have made it unbearable. I don't know who thought putting a Passport Office right next to the designated quiet area was a good idea. Families needing passports come in and the kids get bored and start zooming around while the parents are trying to do the paperwork. The last afternoon I visited the library, one baby cried non-stop for 35 minutes and later another baby cried non-stop for 25 minutes. After that a family with older kids came in and the kids ran around and opened the emergency exit door, setting off the alarm. It's too bad b/c this used to be a great library. Now I'll have to find somewhere else to study.