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  • Earth Talk: The danger of hydrophobic chemicals in outdoor products

    Dear EarthTalk: Just when I finally purged my kitchen of non-stick cookware due to the risks posed by Teflon, I now learn that my rain jacket and waterproof boots are also putting my health at risk from exposure to similar “hydrophobic” chemicals. What’s a concerned ou...

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  • This Week's Homes Sold in Woonsocket

    Below is the list of recently sold homes for Woonsocket RI. You can review MLS sale prices, home details and public records (including data from the tax assessor's office information) for all of the houses sold recently in Woonsocket. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit ...

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  • AmericanTowns PR Tool: Getting publicity for your Woonsocket organization has never been easier

    If your nonprofit group in Woonsocket is looking to let the community know about an upcoming event, activity or initiative, our PR Tool is here to help! Here's how it works: when you post information to our Community Corner, you get automatic, FREE access to this easy-to-use...

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  • Rooftops Newsletter: Somebody's Grandmother Is Hungry

    Here at NFESH it is not unusual to answer the phone and find a reporter with questions about our senior hunger research on the other end of the line. Typically, those callers cover news beats focused on aging or health or poverty or safety net programs. In other words, they ...

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  • Earth Talk: Tesla's Solar Roof

    Dear EarthTalk: I need to get my roof replaced as a result of storm damage (thanks global warming!). Is Tesla’s solar roof a good deal and do other companies offer similar products—with the photovoltaic cells integrated into the roofing material? -- K.S. According to...

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  • Earth Talk: Ban on Drinking Straws

    Dear EarthTalk: What’s the deal with some restaurants no longer offering straws to their customers? What’s so bad about sipping your drink through a straw anyway? — J.E. Americans use 500 million plastic straws—or 1.6 per person on average—ever...

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  • Earth Talk: The fight to protect endangered species

    Dear EarthTalk: Now Trump is going to allow the importing of elephant “trophies” after all! Where do things stand overall now in the fight to protect endangered species, especially as wildlife now also face threats from climate change? -- M.H. In...

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  • A Christmas Carmella at The RISE Playhouse

    The grandkids want to hear “A Christmas Carol” one more time - but Grandma gave the book away years ago. What’s a grandma to do? Improvise, of course.Mix a foggy memory with the vivid imagination of a lively senior citizen, and you’ve got “A Chr...

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  • The Greater Milford Community Chorus Announces 2017-18 Season

    From: Greater Milford Community Chorus

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Greater Milford Community Chorus Announces 2017-18 Season     The Greater Milford Community Chorus (GMCC) is excited to announce their 2017-18 Season, presented in a new venue this year, Milford's historic Town Hall, also home to the Claflin Hil...

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  • AETNA In Aisle Three CVS Seeks To Buy The Health Insurer

    Woonsocket, RI -- Aetna [NYSE: AET] CEO Mark Bertolini probably won’t be enjoying the commanding view of the New York City skyline from his New York headquarters, next year.CVS Health Corp. [NYSE: CVS} wants his company and they are reportedly willing to put up the buc...

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