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Dallas Questions and Answers


Dallas's Local Government

Trying to find out who your elected officials are in Dallas? Think you ought to know what voting district you live in? Need to obtain a permit or license, but unsure where to turn? Ready to get involved in local decision making?
  1. Is there a directory of town officials?

  2. Who are Dallas's chief governing officials?

  3. What does the Dallas clerk do?

  4. Where are the municipal offices located?

  5. How do I find out when municipal meetings are held?

  6. How can I get involved in local government?

  7. What role do the various government departments or bureaus play?

  8. When do Dallas's elections take place?

  9. Where are the polling places?

  10. How can I register to vote in municipal elections?

  11. When are Dallas taxes due?

  12. What state senatorial district am I in?

  13. What state house district am I in?

  14. How can I express myself to the governor of Texas?

  15. Who represents us in the U.S. Senate?

  16. What congressional district does Dallas fall into and who represents us in the House?

  17. What department handles Dallas taxes and how do I contact them?