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Dallas Restaurants, Cuisine and Local Food

Trying to find a restaurant with the right mood for the occasion? Looking for the best pizza in Dallas? Wondering if there are any 24-hour diners? Craving cuisine for vegetarians and vegans?
  1. What’s the best street or neighborhood for dining in the Dallas area?

    Knox Henderson, McKinney Ave./West Village area, Beltline... Read more
  2. What are the best restaurants in Dallas?

    Al Biernats for overall quality of food and dining... Read more
  3. Does Dallas have any good family style restaurants?

    Celebration has wonderful family style comfort food.
  4. Are there any 24-hour diners?

    Cafe Brazil has various locations and some are open all... Read more
  5. Who has the best burger in Dallas?

    Without a doubt, the best burger in Dallas is at Maple... Read more
  6. What’s the most romantic bistro, cafe or restaurant to go for a date in the Dallas area?

  7. Do any banquet halls or restaurants rent space to large parties?

  8. What restaurant options are there for vegans and vegetarians in Dallas or close by?

  9. Are there any restaurants that use only local and sustainable ingredients?

  10. What healthy, low-fat establishments are there around Dallas?

  11. Which Dallas area restaurants cater to food allergies?

  12. Where can I get Halal or Kosher food around Dallas?

  13. What sort of traditional ethnic foods do we have nearby?

  14. Who has the best pizza in Dallas?

  15. Where can I get the most delicious barbecue in the Dallas area?

  16. Where can I get a great deli sandwich, hogie, grinder or sub?

  17. Who makes the best burrito, taco, fajita or Mexican dish in the area?

  18. Does Dallas have any bakeries?

  19. Where can I get breakfast fare like donuts and bagels?

  20. Where's the best coffee in the Dallas area?

  21. Are there any tea shops in Dallas?

  22. What are the best bars in or near Dallas?

  23. Is there any good pub grub around?

  24. Where can I go for a glass of wine in Dallas?