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Alesana and Eyes Set To Kill

  • Date: August 13, 2017
  • Time: 8:00pm
  • Venue:
    2709 Elm Street
    Dallas, TX 75226

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Artists scheduled to appear on 8/13/2017 at 8:00pm at Trees:
  • Alesana
  • Eyes Set To Kill

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Since their formation in 2004 Eyes Set to Kill have taken the punk-rock and hardcore communities by storm. In less than two years this Arizona based five –piece has become one of MySpace’s 1 unsigned bands, shared stages with many of the scene’s hottest bands and released one of the best selling independent releases for many online retailers.

Originally conceived by as the two piece of consisting of Alexia Rodriguez (Lead Guitar, Vocals), and Anissa Rodriguez (Bass Guitar), this Phoenix, AZ screamo outfit attempted to create a unique sound that would combine the soft, melodic feel of female vocals and gut-wrenching screaming, backed up by powerful instrumentals with a post-hardcore influence.

“Having a screamer and a melodic singer has just always been our vision. We wanted to try something different because we didn’t want to be the typical screamo band,” says bassist Anissa Rodriguez. “We didn’t try to make our songs a certain sound. We play what we feel.”

Searching the local area for talented and dedicated musicians to create this sound the group was frequently ignored and turned down by sexist musicians, despite their obvious talent and potential. The girls were classified, stereotyped, and rejected by the ignorant music scene before their demo was given a mere listen.

“People just assumed we were going to be just another chick band that has no musical talent," Rodriguez says. "Since we were girls, no one took us seriously and assumed that we couldn’t play and write good songs.”

After struggling to be heard for what seemed an eternity, the girls found their missing pieces in early 2006 with the addition of Greg Kerwin, (Guitar), Brandon Anderson (Vocals), and Caleb Clifton(Drums) to an already blistering line-up. From there the band would shared stages with the likes of Chiodos, Bless the Fall, Goodbye Tomorrow, My American Heart, and Greeley Estates and even did a stint on the Warped Tour.

“We booked our first tour this summer completely through MySpace,” says Screamer Brandon Anderson about the young band embracing a ‘do it yourself’ work ethic. “The band operates our own MySpace; reply to all comments, messages, and friend requests and does a lot promoting. Our manager made our DVD, music videos and live videos. We do everything on our own and don’t wait around for anyone.”

With a intense live show and a desire to make things happen on their own terms, Eyes Set To Kill entered the studio to record a mind-blowing EP with acclaimed Larry Elyea [32 Leaves, Bionic Jive]. The result is a crushing EP that unleashes a whirlwind of melodic guitar riffs that violently flood into the ears of listeners, emotionally capturing screams and hypnotizing melodic vocal hooks that speak of seethe with emotion.

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