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Houston Questions and Answers


Houston Restaurants, Cuisine and Local Food

Trying to find a restaurant with the right mood for the occasion? Looking for the best pizza in Houston? Wondering if there are any 24-hour diners? Craving cuisine for vegetarians and vegans?
  1. What’s the best street or neighborhood for dining in the Houston area?

    Washington Ave currently has the best selection of... Read more
  2. What are the best restaurants in Houston?

    That's a loaded question, Pizza-Star Pizza on washington... Read more
  3. Who has the best burger in Houston?

    Without a doubt Langford Grocery at 11 Dennis St. has the... Read more
  4. Does Houston have any good family style restaurants?

  5. Are there any 24-hour diners?


Houston Arts and Entertainment

Hoping to catch a movie near Houston this evening? Scoping out the night life for live music and dancing? Interested in the latest art exhibitions at Houston area museums and galleries?
  1. Is there a movie theater in Houston?

    There are numerous theaters all around Houston including... Read more
  2. Does Houston have a drive-in movie theater?

  3. Where can I catch a play in the Houston area?

    Houston has a great arts environment led by the Alley... Read more
  4. Where are the nearest venues for live music?

  5. Are there comedy clubs in Houston?


Houston Sports, Nature & Recreation

Are you a weekend warrior in need of companions? Looking for the right place to get some exercise in the Houston area? Want to find a park or playground where your kids can play?
  1. Are there bike paths or trails around?

    Memorial Park has the most bike paths.  The city is... Read more
  2. What parks are there in Houston or in the neighboring areas?

  3. Are there any good places to go hiking around Houston?

  4. Is there a boating club?

  5. Where is the nearest hiking location?


Where to go Shopping in Houston

On the hunt for a mall in the Houston area? Searching for Houston boutiques that carry the latest in fashion trends? Want to save money with coupons to local Houston retailers and grocery stores?
  1. Where can I go grocery shopping?

    There are numerous grocery stores in and around Houston,... Read more
  2. Where is the nearest farmers' market?

    I believe the largest farmer's market is located off... Read more
  3. Is there a liquor store or package store in Houston?

    There is no shortage of liquor or package stores around... Read more
  4. Are there any stores in (or close to) Houston that are open 24 hours?

  5. Where can I go to get an ice cream?

Public Services

Houston Public Services

Trying to find public transportation in or near Houston? Wondering what day of the week is trash day? Want to learn more about the Houston recycling program? Looking for a public library nearby?
  1. Does Houston have a Park & Rec department?

    There is a Park's and Rec department that can be found in... Read more
  2. Where do I find a public library that serves the residents of Houston?

    The city has a large number of public libraries.  I... Read more
  3. Does Houston have a food bank or any other programs to help homeless and hungry people in the community?

    The Houston Food Bank, located at 535 Portwall St. is one... Read more
  4. Is there a community center in Houston?

  5. Is there a Friends of the Library organization and if so, what is their role?

Emergency Services

Houston Emergency Services

Need to contact the police department or fire department serving Houston? Want advice on how to prepare for emergency situations? Interested in joining a Houston area volunteer ambulance corps?
  1. What police department serves Houston?

    Houston is served by the city police department.  In... Read more
  2. Is there a volunteer ambulance corps in Houston?

  3. Who answers the line when I call 9-1-1?

  4. What fire department serves Houston?

  5. What extra services do police offer to Houston residents?

Animals, Pets and Critters

Houston Animals, Pets and Critters Questions

Curious about Houston wildlife? Got a question about the municipal policy on vaccines and dog licenses? Not sure what to do about the raccoon who lives in your trash?
  1. How do I get a dog license in Houston?

    BARC, the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, handles all... Read more
  2. What are the local requirements for rabies shots?

    Rabies shots are required for all pets.  Each vaccine... Read more
  3. Who administers rabies shots in the Houston area?

    Only licensed veterinarians can give rabies shots in Harris... Read more
  4. Why might my dog be impounded?

    Dogs might be impounded if they are found running loose on... Read more
  5. Is there a Houston dog pound or another location where seized animals are taken?

    BARC, or the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care is... Read more

Business and Commerce

Houston Business and Commerce

Interested in joining a chamber of commerce in the Houston area? Want to increase revenues by networking? Wondering who to bank with? Want to know your rights as a consumer in Houston?
  1. Is there a Houston Chamber of Commerce?

    The is a main Houston Chamber of Commerce as well as... Read more
  2. Is there a Business Council?

    The Greater Houston Partnership is the main economic... Read more
  3. Where is the post office?

    The main post office is located downtown at 401 Franklin... Read more
  4. What banks can I choose from in Houston?

    There is no shortage of banks in Houston.  Nearly... Read more
  5. Is there an organization dedicated to consumer protection?


Religion in Houston

In search of a place to worship in Houston? Looking for a community of shared faith and values? Need a schedule of service hours?
  1. What places of worship do we have in Houston?

    Houston is a diverse city of many faiths.  Nearly... Read more


Houston Children

Looking for after school programs and activities for your children? Having trouble choosing a reputable Houston day care? Want to sign your children up for summer camp or find some fun activities in Houston for kids?
  1. Does Texas offer an official child care or day care resource?

  2. What day care options are there in the Houston area?

  3. Is there a youth center?

  4. What sports programs can my child take part in?

  5. Are there any summer camps for kids in Houston?


Houston Clubs and Organizations

Organizing a new civic club in Houston? Trying to find local Lions or Toastmasters? Want to get involved in a community project?
  1. How can I find volunteer opportunities in Houston?

  2. How can I get involved with a political party in Houston?

  3. Does Houston have an organization dedicated to the arts?

  4. Is there a Women’s club?

  5. Is there a Men's Club?


Houston's Local Government

Trying to find out who your elected officials are in Houston? Think you ought to know what voting district you live in? Need to obtain a permit or license, but unsure where to turn? Ready to get involved in local decision making?
  1. Is there a directory of town officials?

  2. Who are Houston's chief governing officials?

  3. What does the Houston clerk do?

  4. Where are the municipal offices located?

  5. How do I find out when municipal meetings are held?


Houston Health

Wondering where you can pick up medicine late at night in Houston? Trying to decide which pediatrician is best for your child? Searching for a local blood drive where you can donate?
  1. Is there a health department in Houston?

  2. What Houston area hospitals can I go to?

  3. What local hospitals and practitioners specialize in pediatric medicine?

  4. What emergency room is closest to Houston?

  5. What are my options for nursing homes near Houston?


History of Houston

Ever wonder brought people to Houston? Wonder why they settled and what made them stay? Wish you could find a local historian who knows?
  1. What is the history of Houston?

  2. What is the significance of the town name?

  3. Is there a historical society in Houston?

  4. Is there a town archive in Houston?


Houston's Local Media

Looking for media publications or online news journals that report on Houston? Trying to get get some media attention for a story of article or your own? Curious about whether there's local television programming in Houston?
  1. What media publications cover Houston?

  2. What public radio stations are accessible in Houston?

  3. What television channel airs local Houston programming?


Schools in Houston

Want to explore Houston public and private education? Need to locate a public school close to home? Unfamiliar with the Houston Board of Education and want to learn more?
  1. What public school district serves Houston?

  2. Where is each school located?

  3. How is the board of education composed?

  4. What does the Board of Education do?

  5. When does the Board of Education hold meetings?


Information for Seniors in Houston

Concerned about finding reliable care and housing for senior citizens in the Houston area? Searching for fun events and activities for seniors? Want to know what senior transportation services are available?
  1. What retirement communities are in the area?

  2. Is there a senior center?

  3. Is there special transportation for senior citizens?

  4. Are there any clubs, recreational programs or social groups for seniors?

  5. Is there any senior housing in Houston?


Utilities Services in Houston

Do you need to contact Houston gas and electricity providers? Need to get an internet connection? Curious about where the water supply comes from?
  1. Who provides electricity?

  2. Who provides gas?

  3. Where does our water come from?

  4. What cable television and internet service is available?