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Phobia Haunted House Attraction


Dawn of the Machine: The Abyss of technology eclipses humanity. Ultra-modern industrial horror silhouetted by mechanical despair. Machines have risen...Soon they will rule.

Genetic Nightmare: The horror of misguided science and genetic mutation. Every cell is manipulated and redesigned beyond recognition, leaving only a nightmare of thriving, grotesque organisms.

Mind Control: A mental hospital loses control. The good patients are in charge. Be the ball. Watch your step. Smile during those beat downs. Grin and like it.

Dark World: You are what you eat. Enter the world of Phylo Darke's Packing plant. The dead are starving and the living grow fat with blood lust.

Savage Ground: The brutal landscape of open air infestation. Smelling the fear, Lurkers riot in the streets. Terror waits beyond every shadow.

Contragion: We all carry the disease, but can we escape the crisis? Compromised security at Darkelab's chemical synthesizing facility spews viral anguish.

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