Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Vancouver, WA

Hiking Trail locations around Vancouver WA. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

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    Eagle Creek

    Cascade Locks
    One of the classic and most popular hikes in Oregon, Eagle Creek is the one hike that just about...
  2. 3

    Brice Creek Trail

    Cottage Grove
    The route is made up of 5.5 miles of single-track, and 5 miles of paved forest road. The path rises...
  3. 4

    Triangulation Peak

    A day hike to a peak offering a view of most of the western Mount Jefferson Wilderness. The view of...
  4. 5

    Munra Point

    A steep scramble of a day hike up Munra Point on a primitive trail. The hike up Munra Point is...
  5. 6

    Crater Lake Cruise

    Klamath Falls
    Crater Lake is a spectacular jewel set in the volcanic caldera (cone) of Mount Mazama in...
  6. 7

    Proxy Falls

    McKenzie Bridge
    A day hike to two waterfalls in the Three Sisters Wilderness. The trail starts on the south side of...
  7. 8

    Roxy Ann Peak

    Driving up Hillcrest Road, with Roxy Ann Peak rising immediately above, it's hard to figure how a...
  8. 9

    Cascade Head

    Imagine standing high atop a windswept, flower-covered prairie, with the sea and the coast spread...
  9. 10

    Leif Erikson Drive Out-and-Back

    Highlights: This is a gated road traversing Forest Park, which is one of the largest city parks in...

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