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Greendale Business Owner Wins 3 Awards at State Level & Makes History

From: A Woman's Journey!
Ami Ahuja, the first Indian-American to have competed in the Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant, has walked away with three of the five major awards at the state level.

As the reigning Mrs. Milwaukee, Ami’s conciliatory national awards include:

• Runner’s UP
• People's Choice Most Photogenic
• Judge’s Choice Most Photogenic

One of the health benefits to being a participant in this year’s Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant for Ami is that fact that throughout her preparation, she was able to have lost over 20 pounds during the 55-day period, even though she claimed to have eaten at McDonald’s often.

“Can you believe it, I went from size a 10 to size 2!” in less than 60 days exclaimed an excited Ami, who hosts a free monthly meet-up for other women through which she helps them follow their dreams. Her group is called

Ami, who was in Milwaukee news and Indian media is passionate about empowering women to achieve their dreams, said “It’s been my dream for 25 years as a child to participate in a Pageant. I feel wonderful and more confident after making it real. I think every woman should be able to follow & live their dream.”

To help women who cannot afford to hire a personal trainer or join a fitness club, Ami said “I wrote down everything I did and ate through my two month training period before the pageant. I am giving it all away in a book called How to lose 20 lbs in less than 60 days on your schedule.”

Not only does her “girlfriends” believe in her courage and boldness, but her employees at Perfumes Milwaukee in Southridge Mall in Greendale and online at at think she is indeed their role model. Even her 55,600 Twitter and 6,200 Facebook friends and fans are very happy about Ami’s participation in the Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant. She also said “There’s no way I could have gained so much attention without my Social Media expert husband, Sonny Ahuja”

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