Answer Book

Madison Questions and Answers


Schools in Madison

Want to explore Madison public and private education? Need to locate a public school close to home? Unfamiliar with the Madison Board of Education and want to learn more?
  1. What public school district serves Madison?

  2. Where is each school located?

  3. How is the board of education composed?

  4. What does the Board of Education do?

  5. When does the Board of Education hold meetings?

  6. Where can I find school calendars outlining events, holidays, half-days and days off?

  7. Where can I find out about delays and cancellations affecting the school system that serves Madison?

  8. How do I register my child for school?

  9. How are school bus schedules determined and how can I arrange for a stop?

  10. Are there private schools in Madison?

  11. Are there any adult education programs offered?