Monona Grove School District

Address: 5301 Monona Drive
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: 608-221-7660
Fax: 608-221-7688
Mission Statement:
 -Provide all students with experiences that are both rigorous and relevant.

 -Prepare learners to think critically and creatively in order to function successfully in a complex and changing world.

 -Provide students with experiences that link learning with real-life situations;

 -Be responsible for addressing the unique needs of all learners;

 -Engage students actively in the learning process;

 -Effectively promote the importance of our democratic principles that balance individual and societal rights and responsibilities.

 -Challenge all stakeholders to be successful life-long learners in their roles   as productive workers, responsible citizens and active members of their personal and extended community families.

 -Provide a safe and healthy physical and emotional learning environment. where all stakeholders in the educational process are respected and treated with dignity.

 -Expect students, teachers and parents/guardians to share in the responsibility for making the teaching and learning process effective.

 -Use technology as a resource in the teaching and learning process.

 -Carry out an on-going process of evaluating curriculum, instruction and methods of assessment used to teach students and measure learning.

 -Serve as a focal point for engaging all stakeholders in a dynamic learning process designed to build a capacity for initiating and carrying out positive change and

 -Establish ways in which all stakeholders can work together to develop the trust and confidence necessary to openly communicate and focus the schools’ efforts on effectively dealing with complexity and conflict.

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