Artist Exhibition - Liz Dexheimer, Adam Graham, Joshua Meyer and Craig Mooney

Friday, Aug 19, 2022 from 11:00am to 9:00pm


Dear Friends,

The Rice Polak Gallery is excited to announce our forth feature exhibition of the 2022 season. We will be exhibiting the work of Liz Dexheimer, Adam Graham, Joshua Meyer & Craig Mooney.

The show previews tomorrow, Thursday August 18 and runs through Wednesday August 31st.. The Opening Reception is this Friday August 19th beginning at 7pm.

As a friend of the gallery, we'd like to offer you an exclusive online preview of their work by visiting the gallery's website.

Liz Dexheimer - "Atmospheric Conditions"
Liz Dexheimer's abstracted landscapes investigate the conversation that occurs when colors react and interact with one another. She is interested in conveying a sense of place that goes beyond any particular location. Liz is drawn to water imagery, the ambiguity of reflections and the multiple horizon lines they create, the contrast between flow and stasis. She works with a limited palette, focusing on the sense of fullness, of atmospheric depth that emerges when a few colors interact and intermix.

Adam Graham - "Dialectics & Nocturnes Blazing in Raining Light"

Adam Graham began studying impressionist painting under the guidance of his father, who was a longtime pupil of Henry Hensche. Adam's interest is in using the principles learned painting en plein air for the last 11 years and applying them to new and original motifs. Artificial light at twilight is Graham’s main focus. The time of day when the world takes on an indigo glow and is punctuated with glimmering street lights. Dark shapes take on new form and the ordinary world becomes a waking lucid dream. The prose of paint. As a thought experiment I tried imagining the world before words. Without names for things everything becomes strange and inexplicable. I use the visceral language of paint instead of words to describe this nameless world. I wonder now what I feel that there are not yet words for. That’s what these paintings are.

Joshua Meyer - "Passages"
Joshua Meyer has shown his work all around the the world, and has received numerous honors and awards including, for the second time, this year’s Massachusetts Cultural Council award. His energetic swipes of paint are layered with a palette knife. Meyers creates human forms that seem to emerge and then disappear from behind a chaotic, water-like veil. These roughly realized paintings have a primitive energy that makes these works as much about the physical process of painting as about the figural identity of the imagery. His surfaces are loaded with paint. They reveal the artistic process while involving the viewer in each artistic decision along the way, whether they know it or not.

Craig Mooney - "Passing Visions"

Craig Mooney is an oil painter known for painting dramatic cityscapes, skies and seascapes with a cinematic sense of mystery. In his figurative work, Mooney romanticizes his subjects and presents them in an atmospheric lens that is best described as dreamlike. He works in moody tones with sweeping brush strokes. Craig makes paintings of dramatic moments and heightened emotionality that are known for being expansive and expressive. He incorporates a myriad of abstract qualities throughout his work and his paintings appear to be capturing a moment suspended in time.

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