Bennett's Curse Haunted House Attraction

Bennett's Curse Haunted House Attraction

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm


For 2019 we have changed the show entirely!  From the moment you walk into the door until the end you will be shocked at how much it has changed this season.  If you’re looking to GET SCARED, Bennett’s Curse is the haunted house to see.


Underworld Haunted House:

Underworld, Featuring Several All New Scenes, New Characters, And Total Sensory Overload. The Underworld Is Where Fear, Panic, And Nightmares Reside

The Underworld, the word itself strikes fear in the hearts of humanity. For in the Underworld, all that is evil, all that is corrupt, and all that is nightmarish resides. When Lucifer fell and took a third of the angels with him, it was the Underworld where he and his horde fell and would inhabit. In the world of the fiery abyss and total darkness there roamed creatures ranging from small to enormous. Demons, Vampires, hideous monstrosities and evil men of a wicked and limitless imagination were borne. After centuries of exposure to the great portal connecting the world of the living and of the undead, a NEW UNDERWORLD has emerged and a fear beyond your wildest nightmares is ready to be unleashed on all those prepared to test their fate.

The Unmatched Collection Of Creatures From The Underworld Contunies To Set Us Apart from any other Halloween attraction! Now, an entire world of shocking and over-the-top creatures and environments unfold to take you deeper in to the vast underworld. This is the show that has made Bennett’s Curse a household name in the region, and a nationally recognized and highly rated Haunted House ranked amongst the very best. Consistently rated as one of the best of the best in the country on dozens of lists, and featured on many national TV programs.

Legands Of Halloween:

Legend of Halloween returns with many new upgrades, Experience the ALL-NEW Raven’s Lair, The Bad Dolls, and much more!

Imagine walking through a world where everything you know and love about Halloween is brought to life, but in a pulse-pounding and fully immersive environment that is sure to thrill and terrify visitors. Introducing the newest show in our amazing line-up of attractions, Legends of Halloween is a frightful journey through the Halloween world itself! Filled with everything you’d expect to see in a classic Halloween setting, but with a horrific Bennett’s Curse twist. Wicked witches, giant spiders, classic monsters, mummies, werewolves,  a living forest, scarecrows, ghosts, a haunted cemetery, are just some of what you will encounter! A legend of Halloween is destined to be a classic and fan favorite!

Inferno - 3D

Abandon all hope, ye who enters here… It was the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri who wrote The Divine Comedy, sometimes referred to as “Dante’s Inferno” between c. 1308 and his death in 1321. This masterpiece of Italian literature tells of the imaginative and terrifying vision of the afterlife as representative of the medieval world view.

Now, 700 years later, we welcome you to Bennett’s Inferno, or the all new AND IMPROVED show “The Inferno in 3D” that will take you from off the pages of a book, and literally take you into the world of the most dreaded and feared place imaginable. The Inferno in 3D will be the closest to Hell that you will ever hope to be as you traverse through the very circles of the Inferno itself, all in an amazing and fully immersive 3D environment. The Inferno in 3d promises to be the best 3D haunt in the world, and we are proud to once again offer the first of its kind 3D themed Haunted House attraction. Guests, or “souls” will be given a special pair of special 3D glasses will bring this attraction to life where you will first enter the imposing Gates of Hell and descend into the Inferno and face your own Judgment! You will enter the circles of Wrath and Violence, Gluttony, Heresy, Greed and more where every step you take will bring you closer and closer to your final damnation all while constantly confronting the most diabolical giant monsters, demons, fallen angels, and other hideous creatures along your journey…BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND AND EXPANDED, This is the show everyone will be raving about so plan your visit today, before it’s too late!

Ravenbrook Asylum:

The former Sanctuary of Insanity has been closed, but in its place a new and more diabolical menace has emerged. As the community surrounding the Asylum grew, Dr. Nolan Taylor, along with his twin sister Bonnie and the rest of his demented staff set forth to create a more disturbing and efficient institution to continue their dreadful work. Partially built on to the former sanctuary but greatly expanding it, the new institution was named RAVENBROOK Asylum. The worst of the worst were sent here, to be forgotten and safe from the population, but like all things evil, it could not be contained for very long. Ravenbrook Asylum houses society’s most criminally insane patients but has experienced a complete collapse. An evil entity has made not only the patients even more disturbed, but the staff as well. Once you are officially committed, you will be “welcomed” to explore the actual halls of the asylum and come face to face with its many deranged inhabitants.

Ravenbrook Asylum will sure to be a fan favorite and could very well be our most disturbing show to date. Be one of the first to experience this chilling attraction and see if you make it out, mind intact.


Ravenbrook Asylum, long known for its ill-treatment of its patients has gained the heinous reputation for being the asylum that hosts the worst of the worst, those deemed unreachable by other facilities and experts. Instead of trying to help patients heal, they were purposely driven deeper into madness through various methods of torture and torment. In the furthest and darkest wing of the asylum, separated from the majority of patients lies what was named the “Coulrophobia Wing”. There, in the old caged cell rooms of the facility holds those patients that suffer from an irrational and violent fear of clowns, also known as extreme Coulrophobia. A constant flow of clown performers were purposely paraded in to “entertain” the patients, but the guests were totally unaware that they were hired not to entertain but to drive patients deeper into madness.  Filled with brutal killers and the most aggressive and tormented souls, they were constantly exposed to the clown guests until finally, the patients snapped. The patients went on a rampage and the visiting clowns were brutally mutilated and displayed as trophies at the entrance to the Courophobia Wing, but what happened next shocked even the Asylum staff and other patients long fearful of them. They discovered that because their fear and hatred of clowns was so great, that they wanted to make everyone who they encounter to experience their fear of clowns, to experience their own COULROPHOBIA. They harvested what they could from the corpses of the clown performers and the supplies the clowns brought in with them, and transformed themselves into a shocking combination of mostly asylum patient serial killers mixed with disturbing clown features.

Bennett’s Curse:

What makes Bennett’s Curse stand amongst the top Halloween attractions in America is its dedication to creating a totally immersive environment for its guests. No other haunted attraction in America can match Bennett’s Curse’ strong reputation for creative theming, and painstaking execution with great scares. While other attractions are content to follow current trends, Bennett’s Curse is a trendsetter that raises the bar and sets the pace for offering premium terror for a new and demanding generation of thrill seekers! If you have visited Bennett’s Curse in the past, be prepared to throw away all preconceived notions of what you can expect to experience. If this year will be your first time visiting or you’ve looked elsewhere for the highest quality Halloween entertainment and haven’t experienced the fright of your life, then this is the year to visit! For 2018, Bennett’s Curse will deliver Monster Fest of which you will not experience anywhere else!

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