BloodShed Farms Fear Fest Haunted Attraction

Friday, Oct 19, 2018 at 7:30pm

  $35 Combo

BloodShed Farms Fear Fest is one of the areas most terrifying and unique haunted attractions. Winner of the New Jersey Haunted Houses "Haunt of the Year" award, BloodShed Farms has 4 separate haunted attractions. (3 haunted houses and 1 haunted hayride) In addition, the Fear Fest has a nightly party like atmosphere with a live DJ, multiple food vendors, many roaming characters, twisted midway games, pumpkin smashing, a gift shop, nightly entertainment, The BloodShed, The Camper " a 15 minute escape room" , and much much more!



Once long ago, this travelling fun house amused families and brought joy to the faces of all boys and girls. However, a tragic accident left its long time owners unable to tend to the attraction and the many performers who had made this their home were thrown to the streets. Years later, a new proprietor has reopened the amusement and looks to enliven the show and mesmerize audiences with a new cast of clowns. Where this new manager recruited his staff is unknown. Locals say some came from the local Asylum, some are original acts who lived as vagrants in the fun house during the years it was inoperable, and other rumors say members of the Lived family themselves may be among those performing in the attraction.

Trail of Terror:

The Trail of Terror will take you on a journey full of unimaginable horrors and bone-chilling frights. You’ll visit Murter Manor which was once home to the murderous Lived family. The new residents are always looking for dinner guest, and you’ll never believe who’s on Ma’s menu! A winding path leads you through a corn maze path where you never know who or what will be waiting for you around every corner. You’ll walk through a huge dilapidated mine shaft, into a camper where the scene is that of pure horror, and then into the woods, where a group of cannibalistic outcast have made their home and they are anything but hospitable to outsiders. If you manage to emerge from the woods with some of your group, you’ll have to make your way through decapitated crypts and catacombs where something evil waits within! If you make it out of the crypt you’ll then have to survive a trip through the human chop shop, and hope you make it through with all your parts still intact.

Hellsgate Asylum:

In 1952, Hellsgate was originally intended to be used as a halfway house for those being released from the state’s mental institution, but once funding was cut, a private organization took control of the complex. As the site seemingly fell into ruin, those originally involved in the project moved on or assumed it was no longer in operation. However, those housed in the asylum were never released and the new attendants never left. What has transpired in these twisted halls is the work of pure evil. The criminally insane who reside here now are the subjects of sadistic and inhuman experiments. Even the employees have lost their grip on reality, and most of them have become just as deranged and maniacal as the crazies themselves. If you’re thinking of venturing into this nightmare, just remember you may not come out the same person.

The Last Ride:

It’s time to take a trip out to Necropolis Cemetery on one of the Columbus Casket Company’s funeral wagons. The normal road has washed out so the wagon will have to seek an alternate route. Unfortunately, this means traversing through treacherous territory  where trespassers and strangers are not welcomed at all by the locals .
The Last Ride: Haunted Hayride takes your traditional hayrides to an all new level! Its unique and interactive cart design and skilled actors immerse you in the experience from start to finish. Never been scared on a hayride before? That’s about to change!

The Camper Escape Room:

The Camper is a 15 minute – interactive, escape room experience.


Admittance into The Camper is NOT part of the COMBO TICKET!

The Camper is a separate experience and tickets for it must be purchased for $10 per person each. Tickets are limited and time slots may be given.

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