California's Great America Halloween Haunt Attraction

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 at 7:00pm


Fear is waiting for you at Great America's Halloween Haunt. The Bay Area's premier Halloween event features haunted mazes, live shows, scare zones and hundreds of monsters at every turn. Get unlimited visits to Halloween Haunt with a 2019 Gold Season Pass, on sale now.



Something sinister is going on at the Backwoods Hunting Resort and Spa. Set deep in a creepy swamp, Backwoods is a place for the hunting elite to poach animals and satisfy their thirst for blood. The skins and carcasses of deer, snakes and crocodiles are all around, stuffed to look lifelike forever.

Hunters visiting Backwoods have no idea what is in store for them . . . and neither do you. As you press deeper into the resort, you quickly realize this lodge is like no other. It’s not a place to unwind—it’s a place to avoid.

There is always a full moon at Backwoods, which is just fine for local werewolves on the hunt for their own prey. After you’ve ventured in too far to turn back, your group of hunters suddenly become the hunted, and now there’s seemingly no way out. Screaming only alerts the werewolves to your location—which isn’t good news since these unwelcome guests are the ultimate carnivores.


Take a trip on one of Great America’s oldest and most timeless rides! Berserker will be sure to give you an exciting thrill. Choose your bobsled and get ready to speed around a circular track, which thrills riders as their bobsled accelerates.

Riders sit in cars that travel faster and faster around a steeply banked and partially elevated track. You’ll be faced with hills and dips as you are whipped around the track. At the ride’s highest point, riders are tipped sideways at a 45-degree angle!

Ride solo in a bobsled or grab a partner to join in on the fun. You’ll sit in classic bobsled style with the front rider in between the back rider’s legs. Make sure you grab ahold of the bobsled as you tilt, dip and go round and round. Berserker has been thrilling riders since Great America opened in 1976 and is located right across the midway from RailBlazer and next to Demon!

Blood Drums:

Blood Drums is tapping into the simple and complex rhythms of fright in a mesmerizing amalgamation of cadence and sound that captivates audiences throughout the night.

Join the Street Drum Corps for a Halloween stage show that originated during Halloween Haunt and has quickly become a cult favorite for fans for nearly a decade. Three electrifying musicians bang their drums every night in this high-energy, awe-inspiring Halloween Haunt ritual, which takes place on the steps in front of Great America Theater.

As if the music and lights weren’t enough, two fire dancers raise the stakes—defying what should be possible. This thrilling and captivating 15-minute show is an explosive, apocalyptic blend of percussion, music, blood, rhythms and sparks

Carousel Columbia:

Famed for its beauty and detail, and dramatically framed by the fountains inside the reflection pond, Carousel Columbia has become the perfect family photo for millions of California’s Great America guests. The golden spire that points to the sky is the perfect signature for the world’s tallest carousel.

Celebration Swings:

Take a high-flying twirl above Celebration Plaza on Celebration Swings. Riders sit in individual seats as their feet dangle off the ground. Prepare to be lifted into the air and raised and lowered at a soothing pace.

This classic ride spins you in a 70-foot diameter circle at 9 to 11 revolutions per minute—an exhilarating experience for the whole family. As you travel, you’ll soar and dip along with the ride’s tilting head. Arcing upwards and accelerating downwards, you can be certain you’ll feel each and every element of this classic park experience.

Fly through the air with the wind blowing through your hair! Don’t be afraid to keep your eyes open because you’ll catch an amazing view of the iconic Carousel Columbia and all of Celebration Plaza right from your seat on Celebration Swings. Grab your friends and family and enjoy the ride! Get ready to feel this thrill all the way down to your toes


Are you ready to feel the gravitational force as you spin round and round nonstop? Take a spin on this dizzying ride that is fun for all ages! This exciting attraction will be sure to make you smile as you spin around at top speeds with absolutely no control over where your car will take you.

Pick your lucky car, hop in and get prepared for a thrill! Five groups of five cars spin on two axes, ensuring you’ll never see the same thing twice. In fact with the speed of the ride, you won’t know what you’re looking at as you spin round and round. This ride pins riders to the side of their car with no way of moving—making them laugh and scream for more!

This Great America classic has been at the park since opening day in 1976. Grab your family and friends and enjoy the wild dizzy ride!

Chaos House:

Mayhem and madness have taken over, and pandemonium reigns supreme in Chaos House. First, you’ll start feeling confused, then disoriented and eventually you’ll find yourself going in circles over and over again, trying desperately to figure out which way is which.

Enter at your own risk, because with a dizzying maze of mirrors, chain link fences and glass walls, and a blindingly thick foggy haze, it’s almost impossible to escape. Each room is more twisted than the last, confusing your senses with impressive illusions, blinding lights and overwhelming mindbenders.

Amidst the chaos, faceless creatures attack from seemingly every direction—waiting to ambush when you’re most vulnerable. Will you be able to navigate the chaos that lies within this house and triumph over its merciless monsters?

Madame Marie's Massacre Manor:

"Money does not always buy happiness—especially for Madame Marie. Louisiana's wealthiest heiress has lost everything, and now she is exacting revenge on anyone who comes into her domicile.

Worst of all, she has begun practicing Voodoo and is turning healthy humans into the living dead in a matter of moments. She still attempts to portray an aura of elegance, but the evil inside her shows through like the light of a full moon on a cold fall night.

The terror begins immediately upon entering the hallways and bedrooms of Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor, which have been littered with those she has turned into zombies and the remnants of those she simply murdered for pleasure. Her grand ballroom’s chilling organ calls out with haunting hums. Madame Marie has even set a delectable table for you to join her, but her goal may be to actually have you for dinner."

Location: Hometown Square

Mass Effect: New Earth:

California’s Great America and Electronic Arts (EA) have teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind guest experience at Great America. This dynamic attraction features settings and characters from EA’s critically acclaimed Mass Effect™ videogame series developed by BioWare™.

NEW! Dia de los Muertos:

The dead have rejoined the living and are throwing a lively party. Join your free-spirited hosts as they welcome you into the land of the dead to enjoy the music and dancing of an energetic Dia de los Muertos celebration.

NEW! Killer Clown Town:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls—step right up, if you’re brave enough. Enter a twisted world where extraordinary freaks and disgruntled sideshow curiosities roam the dark midways in search of new traveling circus acts. These deranged clowns are done with trying to make you laugh. Now all they want is to see you scream.


The Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum has opened, and Miss Lizzie invites you to examine her collection of the most feared villains, murderers, criminals, and miscreants imaginable. So life-like, so unbelievable, so haunting, you'll think they're alive!

This museum’s wax sculptures have come to life and now believe they possess the souls of those whom they represent. Anne Boleyn sits ready to meet her fate and the villainous barber Sweeney Todd has found a home in the Wax Museum Chamber of Horrors. Visuals of the Axeman preparing to behead Marie Antoinette, a towering Frankenstein and his bride, Dracula himself, notorious murders of the Wild West and others wait for you—ready for your judgment about whether or not they are real.

The worst part of this wicked wax museum may be the ending. After the exhibition, the chamber’s wax figures, along with maze guests, all face the possibility of being melted down to nothing.

New for 2019: this twisted museum's lights have gone out! Visitors are only given a dim flashlight to use to find their way out of the Chamber of Horrors. Can you escape the Wax Museum, or will you become part of the permanent collection?

Location: All American Corners


Guests who embark on Orbit get rapidly spun at increasing speeds and lifted by a large hydraulic arm to as high as 80 ft. in the air. Then, let the centrifugal force be with you as you get turned upside down over and over again.

The ride begins simply enough, as riders step in the cars stationed just inches above the ground. Upon settling in, it is clear there is a swivel to the car and the current position is only temporary. Guests are soon spinning in a nearly perfect loop perpendicular to the earth below.

The dark night skies add to Orbit’s atmosphere with thematic lighting giving a new element to riders and watchers alike.

Orbit was originally called Orleans Orbit and is one of the original rides dating back to Great America’s grand opening in 1976.

PEANUTS Pirates:

Ahoy mateys! Climb aboard the fun-filled PEANUTS Pirates, where adventure awaits as you navigate rotating mini-pirate ships and help Snoopy escape the evil pirate! Are you ready to pivot, twist and turn a full 360 degrees while sloping up and down along the high seas? Each mini-pirate ship has two seats, so you can ride with a buddy to experience Snoopy’s nautical adventure together. Set sail on a swashbuckling voyage and rule the high seas with Snoopy!

PEANUTS Pirates is one of many favorite attractions in Planet Snoopy, which is the perfect place to enjoy family fun in the park. With kiddie rides, activities and attractions that bring the whimsy and silliness of Snoopy and the PEANUTS Gang to life, your kids will be happy all day long. In Planet Snoopy, families will find tons of fun to enjoy together.


Patriot, the first-ever floorless roller coaster at California’s Great America, opened to guests as a new coaster experience in 2017. With the ride’s track visible beneath riders’ feet, Patriot creates unique and exciting perspectives for guests throughout the ride.

Psycho Mouse:

While standing on the midway at California’s Great America, you might think that our Psycho Mouse ride is a mild-mannered, oversized kiddie coaster. But, just you wait. There’s something quite different about this coaster that makes it stand out in a crowd. Think about your typical roller coaster, particularly the turns. Most are “banked,” meaning they tilt up a bit so you don’t feel the whip quite as much. Alas, not so with “wild mouse” types of roller coasters like Psycho Mouse. This sneaky ride is host to a series of completely flat, hairpin (therefore, hair-raising) turns with enough G-force to make you think you’re going to fly clear off the track into tomorrow. After the boomerang-like sharp turns, you fly down several hills with your stomach left far behind. With all these wacky, kick-back features, it’s no wonder this ride is called Psycho Mouse.

Ripper's Revenge:

As darkness rises and blinding fog rolls in off the Channel, terror mounts on the streets of London. Now Jack, and his ghoulish troupe of misfit villains, are dead set on taking over the town.

Watch your back as you make your way through this scare zone because the Ripper is anxiously awaiting the perfect time to exact his revenge. With towering facades and dark alleys, Jack's crew has plenty of places to hide. Will you find your way out of Old Town before the Ripper finds you?

Roadkill Roadhouse:

This delicious restaurant is loaded with ribs, steaks and more. However, rumor has it that what is in front of you may actually be fine human flesh. Blood and gore abound as Roadkill Roadhouse’s staff continually prey on the innocent who are simply looking for a nice dinner out with friends.

It’s difficult to determine the worst way to go when remains of wayward diners are seen in pressure cookers, on the barbeque and even in piles of boiled meat. Recently harvested body parts are ready for tonight’s dinner service, while others are still being prepped for the evening. The twisted chefs inside debate amongst themselves if the bodies are best served baked, broiled, seasoned or simply raw.

If you survive the walk to your table, you should definitely order the sampler platter. It’s everything a carnivore could possibly want!

Location: Celebration Plaza

The Grizzly:

The Grizzly is a throwback to the classic wooden roller coasters that dot amusement parks across the country. Introduced in 1986, The Grizzly has entertained multiple generations of Great America guests and continues to create screams and smiles for riders of all ages.

Riders can take in the windswept flags of the United States and California before having fun with the not-too-big, yet not-too-small hills that make it a family favorite for everyone. The Grizzly is the ideal transition roller coaster for kids looking to make the jump from Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies and Woodstock Express to more grown-up thrills.

The Grizzly provides picturesque, behind-the-scenes views of many other attractions, including Barney Oldfield Speedway and Demon. It also delivers unique perspectives of Xtreme Skyflyer and Drop Tower.

Recent years have delivered new wood on numerous parts of The Grizzly, creating a much smoother ride and improved rider experience on the park’s longest ride.

Thunder Raceway:

Prepare to take your go-kart experience to an all-new level on Thunder Raceway. Get strapped in, fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself as you maneuver around tight corners at top speeds in a competitive race to beat your friends and family to the finish line.

Put the pedal to the metal and speed through the track to stay in first place, but make sure you take it slow around the twists and turns on the raceway. You don’t want to spin out and fall into last place against your friends and family!

Thunder Raceway is as close as you'll come to a real stock car racing experience. This attraction is fun and exhilarating for the entire family! Face the race alone or grab a passenger to be your sidekick to watch for the competition on the track. Who will be the fastest racer and win first place on your race? May the best racer win!

Tiki Twirl:

Surrounded by the sounds of tribal music and jungle drums, thrill seekers embark on a journey past fiery 40-foot-tall torches, exotic relics and tropical landscaping. The twists and turns on the rolling track make Tiki Twirl a must-ride for guests.

Tooth Fairy:

The Tooth Fairy can't wait for you to get your next loose tooth. This twisted tooth fiend is on the hunt for baby teeth any way she can get them--even if she has to drag her victims out of their bedroom window to grow her dental collection.

As you drill deeper and deeper into the Tooth Fairy's malicious lair, the distant screams of her victims--and the constant squeal of dental tools--will hit a nerve and leave you squirming.

Follow the Tooth Fairy's tormented minions and evil dentists on a living nightmare through an endless, twisted dentist's office. Open wide and say "ahhh."

Xtreme Skyflyer:

Ever wonder what it’s like to fly like a bird – at extreme speeds? Xtreme Skyflyer gives you the experiences of hang gliding, skydiving and swinging – all in the same ride.  After you get strapped into the harness – face down, mind you – a lift cable elevates you to a peak of 154 feet above the ground. At the top, the rider operator will instruct you to pull the cord. Because you pull the ripcord yourself, you’re in control, right? Um, no. Not, really. The second you rip the cord, gravity kicks in and you free fall at speeds up to 50 miles per hour down, down, down toward the earth, skimming it by mere feet. You then swing back and forth until it’s all over. Whew! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

Xtreme Skyflyer is not included with park admission; a separate fee is required to experience this heart-thumping attraction.

Zombie High:

It’s “back to ghoul” at Zombie High. The simple walk through school on the way to prom is a horrifying experience in Zombie High as it seems as if you are the only who has not been turned into a zombie . . . yet!

The hallowed halls of Zombie High beckon you to a horrific homecoming of flesh-eating hellions—that is if you can even make it to the dance. Every classroom has been torn apart as the student body fights for their lives, defending themselves from the impending zombie apocalypse. The ill-fated school’s cafeteria, theater, labs, locker room and main office have all been overrun by the undead.

Those who hide in the library find no sanctuary as your apocalyptic former classmates are now looking to make a meal of you. The gym is a ghastly scene straight from a horror movie, except now you’re part of the living nightmare!

Don't be tardy or you might not get to graduate alive.

Location: Action Zone

Opening Scares:

Arrive to Halloween Haunt early to catch a fiery spectacular as the witch and her loyal patrol of giant, creepy monkeys rule over the midway from the second tier of Carousel Columbia, relaying a warning of terrifying things to come. She dives into the devilish details of Haunt: 8 terrifying mazes, twisted live shows and sinister scare zones.

The witch’s reign is short lived as she summons the newest nightmareish creature to call Halloween Haunt home: the Tooth Fairy.

The show concludes with a firestorm launching all around the reflection pond as Halloween Haunt is officially opened.

Time: 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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