Capture the Night Sky with Amateur Astrophotography

Thursday, Aug 22, 2019 at 6:00pm


How do you capture the night sky? A talk with Astrophotographer Jim Mazur where he will discuss the equipment used (yes, you can use a cellphone!), tips for getting started, and share his photos ranging from the moon to distant galaxies.

More from Astrophotographer Jim Mazur:

Modern telescopes and cameras make it possible for amateur astronomers to take pictures of the night sky that rival those from major observatories. Jim Mazur, who has been doing astrophotography since the 1960s, will present some of his pictures of targets ranging from the Moon and planets to distant nebulae and galaxies. He will show the equipment he uses and demonstrate how computer image processing can transform crude raw images into beautiful finished products. Some types of astrophotography can be done with an ordinary DSLR camera or even a cell phone. Suggestions and tips for getting started in astrophotography will be discussed, as well as the types of equipment one needs for more advanced astrophotography.

Messier 81, Bode’s Galaxy, is a beautiful spiral galaxy, one of the nearest to us. At magnitude 6.8, it is fairly easy to see with binoculars, but all that can be seen is a faint oval patch of light. Even through very large telescopes, the intricate details in this photograph cannot be seen visually. However, with a low-power eyepiece, the nearby galaxy Messier 82 can be seen in the same field of view, making this one of the most impressive galaxy pairs visible through amateur telescopes.

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