Center of Universal Light

Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 at 10:30am


The Center of Universal Light is an inclusive Spiritual Healing Center offering a message of hope and support for our Spiritual Journeys.

Our “spiritually-diverse” Gatherings bring us together with a rich blend of ancient and contemporary wisdom, practices and traditions through music, message and mantra.

This creates a safe space where people just like you and I can walk our own spiritual paths.

Guest speakers provide insight into world religions, spirituality, and cultural diversity.  

We believe ALL healing begins with our own spiritual healing which comes from many, many sources.   

Co-founders, Arvel Bird and Kimberly Kelley, don’t serve up just one diet of spiritual wisdom . . . they provide a buffet of  Spirituality.  

With as many flavors of truth, wisdom as there are people, we affirm everyone is on their right path at the right time. As our theme song says, “We Are One Humanity”.  

Our amazing group of guest speakers also supports our Gathering’s love of “spiritual diversity”.

So many people have been displaced by their religious communities, abused by elders in their church, resulting in excommunication; being dis-enfranchised, losing their families, their friends, sometimes their livelihood and home.

We are a refuge for those who want to follow their own beliefs or discover their own answers and share it within a community of love.

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